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Human Resources(HR) Manager Job Description

Though the HR managers are sometimes underestimated, these specialists play a key role in the wellbeing of any organization. So, it’s isn’t surprising that the popularity of HR manager job has been increasing for the past decade. Our Human Resources(HR) Manager Job Description free sample can ease your search of a suitable applicant. Don’t miss your chance to ensure your company’s success.

Human Resources Manager Duties

Simply put, the core human resources manager duties entail maintenance and enhancing of human resources. An HR professional delivers regular and proactive support to other division managers on employment rewards, benefits, policy to assist them in achieving the desired job performance. Also, the scope of human resources manager duties embraces personnel maintenance, which includes recruiting, selection, interviewing, training, and retirement. In addition, HR managers are responsible for designing, modifying, and implementing staff policies according to the applicable legislation.

Human Resources Manager Responsibilities

The bulk of human resources manager responsibilities depend on the size and the objectives of the company. But generally, they are as follows:

  • Manage programs on staff recruitment and selection
  • Plan, test, and conduct exit interviews
  • Manage new employee orientation
  • Detect and satisfy development needs of employees by managing orientation and training programs
  • Maintain employee job results
  • Tackle employee complaints and grievances; resolve conflicts
  • Develop, modify, and implement employee disciplinary policy
  • Ensure staff safety, welfare, and health
  • Manage and carry out pay plans
  • Maintain compensation and benefit programs
  • Support annual salary reviews
  • Ensure legal compliance by regularly investigating and complying with applicable HR state and federal requirements
  • Develop, administer, and implement HR policies and procedures
  • Keep the past and current HR records

Human Resources Manager Requirements

Typically, the entry path of HR management requires at least bachelor’s degree in HR management or related discipline. But some organizations place top priority on the candidates who combine HR experience and the knowledge of business principles as well as an advanced degree in HR.

The candidates who have earned a Master’s degree in HR are expected to demonstrate the following:

  • Administration competence in payment, benefits, and compensations
  • Good grasp of performance management
  • HR management competence
  • Knowledge of relevant laws (employment law, sexual harassment law, etc.)
  • Relevant software competence

Human Resources Manager Key Skills

Human resources manager duties directly affect key skills required for this position. Be aware that interaction with loads of people constitutes the lion’s share of HR manager responsibilities. Hence, communication and persuasive skills are the main pillars of this job. Since human resources management involves tons of analysis (from recruitment to legal compliance maintenance), employers search for candidates with critical thinking and judgment abilities. As the majority (if not all) of HR specialists are in charge of new employee professional development, coaching skills are also of great importance. It’s strictly recommended to hire an applicant with conflict-resolving skills to be able to handle various disputes and grievances.

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