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Content Strategist Job Description

The given Content Strategist Job Description sample is free to download. This template will come in handy for large corporations and small enterprises to draw the fit talent within a short period of time. Since the business nature varies from organization to organization, there may be certain discrepancies. If you detect them, modify this template for your company and close job openings on the fly!

Content Strategist Duties

The key content strategist duty is to elaborate the content strategy, which will align with the company’s business scheme and customer’s requirements. Creative experts of this field elicit content needs and produce content strategy deliverables during the life-cycle of a project. This often presupposes performing content audits and gap analyses.

Moreover, content strategist duties include developing and enforcing editorials guidelines and calendars, metadata frameworks, and content migration plans. Sometimes, content strategists are responsible for keeping track on other employees and freelancers. They often maintain budgets and facilitate the technical integration of content.

Content Strategist Responsibilities

Simply put, content strategists are the backstage magicians who perform some unknown tricks in order to produce findable, actionable, sharable, and understandable content. However, such a vague description won’t assist you with hunting the true talent. In order to help you get the clearer picture of this role, we have compiled a brief list of content strategist responsibilities.

  • Assist in selection and management of CMS
  • Ensure compatibility between the website’s elements
  • Compile content strategy documentation
  • Evaluate, catalogue, and turn the website’s content into content inventory
  • Collaborate with an information architect in order to produce ‘well-built’ content
  • Create content according to customer requirements
  • Conduct SEO, add resources and links if necessary
  • Edit content created by other team members
  • Develop and enforce editorial standards for content writers
  • Assess the workflow
  • Create SEO plans
  • Conduct content workshops
  • Train recently hired content strategists

Content Strategist Requirements

The perfect fit for content strategist job must possess at least bachelor’s degree in literature, journalism, marketing, or any related major. Since no extra certification is required, ask an applicant to provide examples of their published works. Also, certain experience in marketing, content writing, and editing is a must for the most companies. And it goes without saying that superior knowledge in Windows-based desktop applications, such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, is an integral part of content strategist job.

Content Strategist Key Skills

  • Superior analytical skills in order to easily understand the audience and elicit its expectations
  • Ability to distinguish and apply different writing styles as well as the ways to reach the audience with the written word
  • Understanding of interaction design principles in order to ensure accessible and usable content
  • Familiarity with the legal issues related to the content strategy in order to avoid copyright infringement, plagiarism, and so on.
  • Ability to assess and edit content created by other team members
  • Ability to work under pressure, meet deadlines, multitasking
  • Ability to collect and transform certain information into useful and interesting content for customers and employees, which can convey ideas relevant to the industry

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