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Sales Manager Job Description

Our Sales Manager Job Description free sample has been elaborated to your exclusive and opportune benefit. By posting this job description on your career page, you will eventually maximize your chances to hire a professional SM. Keep in mind that the template is rather flexible and you can customize it without any effort.

Sales Manager Job Duties

Sales Manager is an indispensable specialist in any company. They are able to maximize the company’s profit by conducting highly effective strategies in sales. The potential applicants for sales manager job should also have exceptional interpersonal and communication skills to succeed in customer acquisition and staff tutoring. The entirety of sales manager duties is provided in the next paragraph of our job description:

  • Assess and analyze marketing trends and opportunities and put into effect sales strategies
  • Forecast and develop yearly sales quotas for designated areas to reach sales goals
  • Project estimated profits and sales volume for available products and those under development
  • Implement sales programs based on the sales action plans in the company’s field
  • Recruit, coach, and assign sales employees with further monitoring of their work achievements
  • Supply the sales team with all the necessary resources for them to perform effectively
  • Take part in the elaboration of sales offers and presentations
  • Govern online sales and the activities associated with it
  • Improve one’s technical skills by attending professional events and workshops; cultivate oneself by reading relevant periodic; widen one’s circle of acquaintance

Lastly, one of the most important sales manager duties is to be a team worker able to maintain the common cause.


Potential employees for the post of SM should be well-prepared to carry the workload. Apart from the already mentioned ones, the sales manager responsibilities include the following:

  • Supervise sales staff in order to achieve the pre-determined sales objectives
  • Acquire new customers with the help of one’s commercial awareness
  • Promote the company and its achievements to external stakeholders
  • Establish and maintain long-lasting fruitful partnership both internally and externally
  • Seize the C-level with deep understanding of the clients’ needs
  • Prepare timely and in-depth reports on sales, costs, and profits to keep the senior staff informed
  • Stay current with the appearing markets and marketing trends to elaborate competitive business plans


The foregoing list of sales manager responsibilities is impressive and represents them “as they are.” If taking the company’s specific into account, this list can be seen in different variations. Still, the basic requirements to a job-seeker remain the same:

  • Higher education diploma in the field of business administration or any relevant one
  • Proven work experience as an SM or sales representative with the successful target-reaching
  • Business acumen and proficiency in the company’s profile
  • Ability to manage the human resources
  • Expertise in sales management, from planning to closing

Key Skills

  • Impeccable communication skills in oral and in writing
  • Leadership and teamwork skills
  • Ability to assess the problem and solve it
  • Planning, organizing, and decision-making skills
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Flexibility and capacity for adjustment
  • Ability to process and present the information
  • Persuasiveness
  • Readiness to innovate

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