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Quality Assurance Specialist Job Description

Our Quality Assurance Specialist Job Description template provides the most optimal shortcut to hiring the right candidate without pouring recruitment money down the drain. This sample outlines the basics of this job in order to help you better understand its specifics. Such a template can be posted on job boards or career pages and draw the attention of those talents which fit the bill.

Quality Assurance Specialist Duties

The quality assurance specialist job may remain unnoticed. However, the company’s reputation relies on these experts. So, what kind of essential functions they perform?

In general, quality assurance specialist duties mainly consist of ensuring that all external standards are observed before the final product reaches the customer. To this end, QA pros are responsible for implementation of inspecting activities, detection of problem areas, and delivering quality inspection outcomes. In addition, they are in charge of planning and performing corrective actions if defects are found.

Quality Assurance Specialist Responsibilities

All in all, quality assurance specialist job presupposes building a bridge between the quality standards and the final product. In order to get a deeper insight into how exactly they perform this function, read the following quality assurance specialist responsibilities:

  • Outline quality assurance policies and procedures
  • Interpret and comply with quality assurance standards
  • Make sure that quality assurance standards are adequate
  • Elaborate the procedures of sampling and guidelines for collection and reporting quality data
  • Oversee the implementation and ensure efficiency of inspection and quality systems
  • Plan, perform and oversee inspection and testing of products to ensure the quality deliverable
  • Document quality assurance activities, such as internal audits
  • Analyze customer grievances and other non-compliance issues
  • Gather and organize statistical quality data
  • Inspect data to detect areas for improvement
  • Elaborate, recommend and oversee improvement actions
  • Report on results of quality activities
  • Detect coaching needs and take actions in accordance with these needs in order to ensure compliance with quality standards
  • Let external providers conduct on-site audits
  • Analyze audit outcomes and carry out appropriate corrective procedures
  • Oversee risk management procedures
  • Ensure ongoing abidance by industry regulatory and quality requirements

Quality Assurance Specialist Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in the related field
  • Certification, such as Quality Engineer, Quality Auditor, Six Sigma, or Quality Improvement Associate, is preferred
  • Relevant long-term experience, knowledge of regulatory requirements
  • Knack for implementation of corrective action programs
  • Experience in the related industry or with related products
  • Superb computer competence, including experience with databases and Microsoft Office
  • Knowledge of QA terms, tools, and methodologies

Quality Assurance Specialist Key Skills

  • Analytical skills
  • Thoroughness
  • Problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • Customer service competency
  • Ability to work in team
  • Outstanding verbal and written communication skills
  • Judgement

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