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Project Manager Job Description

The given Project Manager Job Description free sample is of extra use when issuing a job application to attract potential employees. This template can be easily adjusted for the company’s profile. If you opt for hiring a professional Project Manager, multiply your chances by making use of the suggested job description sample.

Project Manager Job Duties

The area of Project Manager Duties includes interacting with the employees and the clients to guarantee the ultimate output of the project performance. The foremost duty of this specialist is to take care of the timely project’s delivery with respect to all the employer’s demands and budget. The candidates for such a post should be skilled in some other fields, namely accounting, business management, and analytics. The project specialists are required to have good working knowledge of audit and sales to forecast the financial issues, prepare financial reports, plan a yearly budget, and distribute the expenses basing on the project’s fund. Within the long-term prospects, the scope of Project Manager duties covers constant professional growth, reading of the associated periodic, and attending professional events. Project Manager Job also covers the post-project-delivery interaction with the employers to enhance the achieved results and broaden the horizon for future business opportunities.


The main project manager responsibilities are linked to the full project leading. Project Manager is responsible for monitoring the project execution on a “start-to-finish” basis and flawless rendering of the services. Among others, project manager responsibilities include:

  • Making sure all the projects are planned, verified, and supplied with the necessary resources;
  • Meeting the project’s requirements of quality, time, and funds;
  • Timely counseling and monitoring of all the sub-contracted staff to make sure the project performance remains within the schedule;
  • Ability to evaluate the possible risks and accept them;
  • Tracking the project progress due to the human factor using the newest technical tools;
  • Interacting with the vendors and third parties as well.

All the foregoing with the maintenance of applicable project records constitutes the range of the project manager responsibilities.


The basic requirement for the project manager job applicants is the higher education diploma in the matching fields. Secondly, it’s most desirable for the applicants to have an ample work experience close to the company’s profile. The remaining requirements include:

  • Thorough and clear representation of the company’s fields of activity and its market;
  • Social skills touching upon the interpersonal communication with the employers;
  • Strong written and spoken English;
  • Comprehensive mastery of MO;
  • Pieces of training attended and certifications acquired will be an advantage.

Key Skills

  • Good knowledge of business management;
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills;
  • Arithmetic literacy;
  • Analytical mind;
  • Ability to organize, prompt, and supervise the staff;
  • Teamworking and teambuilding experience;
  • Negotiating skills.

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