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Front Office Manager Job Description

It goes without saying that one can consider the company’s success by its Front Office department’s visual image. Therefore, the quest of a positive and perfectly fine-tuned representative is gaining its momentum. The given Front Office Manager Job Description is the shortcut to hiring a professional having all the necessary qualities to perform effectively. Before you post it on your job board, feel free to rewrite it so that it complies with your company’s profile.

Front Office Manager Job Duties

As mentioned above, the applicants for the post should be competent enough to embrace a bunch of customer-related issues. The scope of front office manager duties includes collaboration with and supervision of the entire department to ensure it operates at the highest possible level. To give you a deeper understanding of the front office manager duties, we’ve drafted the following:

  • Make sure the performance of the reception department sticks to the guidelines and standards of excellence
  • Assume the responsibility for maintaining favorable professional atmosphere
  • Handle complaints, acts of disturbance, special requests whenever needed
  • Develop a daily activities schedule and share it with the staff; notify about the shifts
  • Handle purchasing and managing operating expenses for the department
  • Resolve budgetary issues, oversee cash and Profit & Loss handling on a yearly basis
  • Organize monthly meetings to promote corporate culture and effective teamwork activities
  • Maintain the staff awareness of emergency and life safety procedures

Front Office Manager Responsibilities

Because the customer service is the key point of the front office manager responsibilities, potential applicants should coordinate all front desk activities to bring the best service:

  • Maintain the satisfactory level of stationery and office supplies at the reception desk and in stocks
  • Tutor, monitor, and encourage office staff
  • Provide accurate and timely customer service
  • Elaborate troubleshooting procedures for emergencies
  • Distribute mail within an office
  • Keep records of the office costs and fees


  • Hands-on experience as a Receptionist or Front desk manager
  • Higher education degree; additional certifications are advantageous
  • Deep understanding of customer service
  • Strong working knowledge of office management and bookkeeping basics
  • Advanced user of office equipment (for example, printers, scanners, copiers, fax machines, and so on)
  • Fluent English-speaker (in speaking and in writing)
  • Exquisite operational experience of Microsoft Office (Word and Excel)

Key Skills

Lastly, the candidates for the front office manager job are assessed in terms of their inborn abilities. To perform efficiently, they should possess the following characteristics:

  • Customer-orientation
  • Impeccable interpersonal and communication skills
  • Problem-solving ability
  • Multitasking skills
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Ability to organize, inspire, and lead the team
  • Stress-tolerance
  • Conciliatory nature

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