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Accountant Job Description

This Accountant Job Description free sample is intended to ease the quest of a well-qualified specialist. Big companies and corporations may use the suggested template when posting a job application on their career pages. The following description of the accountant job can be modified in conformity with your company’s profile.

Accountant Job Duties

The scope of accountant duties includes managing the cost- and book-keeping within a company, as well as handling the bank issues and monitoring the current trends. Apart from that, the accountant accesses and manages the entire company’s account information in order to provide a topical and timely report on the business’s cash flows. Other accountant duties are:

  • Document and audit financial operations with their further substantiation
  • Suggest financial decisions based on accounting options and financial forecasting
  • Maintain the actual accounting records; prepare different kinds of reports, procedures, and policies
  • Interact with accounting staff by means of activities coordination and questions resolving
  • Avoid financial contradictions when analyzing account data
  • Make sure the financial information is carefully secured; execute internal controls and create database backups
  • Arrange payments on the basis of verified documentation and disbursements requests
  • Provide clear answers to accounting procedure details by constant monitoring and adaptation of financial policies
  • Research and follow the actual federal, state, and local legislative regulations in order to advise management on necessary actions
  • Ensure that the customer’s financial data is kept secure and private
  • Improve technical skills by attending professional events, reading the associated periodic, participating in educational workshops
  • Lastly, the candidates for the accountant job should have well-developed teamwork skills.


The scope of accountant responsibilities covers the company’s in-depth accounting and strategic management. All of them are connected to the foregoing description of duties. Except for the above mentioned, there are some other accountant responsibilities, namely:

  • Issue timely fiscal statements
  • Conduct the close process monthly and yearly
  • Prepare financial report for management
  • Evaluate taxes and handle tax returns, as well as profit/loss reports and balance sheet
  • Prepare budget within a company
  • Keep the actual records of accounting control procedures
  • Obey to the applicable financial legislation


  • Higher education diploma in Accounting
  • Obligatory working experience in accounting or matching field
  • Careful attention to details and respect for confidentiality
  • Profound knowledge of the business finance principles and regulations
  • Accounting software proficiency
  • CPA or CMA is of preference

Key Skills

  • Ability to pre-monitor one’s own work and predict the possible consequences of financial decisions
  • Integrity and systematic approach
  • Self-motivation
  • Strongly developed business acumen
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Analytical mind
  • Arithmetical literacy
  • Expert in IT sphere
  • Teamwork and problem-solving experience
  • Ability to handle deadlines and supervise staff

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