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Product Manager Job Description

This Product Manager Job Description free sample provides a better understanding of this position. Since this template highlights the major duties, responsibilities, key competencies, and requirements of product manager job, it will boost your chances to hire an ideal candidate. If needed, align this product manager job description with your company’s business nature.

Product Manager Duties

The major product manager duties come down to managing the production cycle and overseeing product development, which starts with thorough market research to reveal the customers’ needs. Also, the product manager duties include planning and developing a successful marketing strategy, which implies loads of analysis, such as market data assessment, sales-forecasting, return-on-investment calculations, etc. Most product managers conduct production scheduling, allocate duties, and follow up on work performance. They take into consideration how the products fit the legal requirements and company’s business model.

Product Manager Responsibilities

Basically, the scope of product manager responsibilities covers the direction of the particular product line. However, this set of the PM basics can assist in obtaining a clearer picture of this job:

  • Analyze market information to detect customers’ preferences and needs
  • Evaluate market competition
  • Deliver information to the upper management by sales-forecasting and reporting
  • Ensure high market share ratio by negotiating on marketing improvement strategies with the upper management
  • Evaluate product market data (pricing, competitiveness, market potential, etc.) according to the information obtained from customers and field sales people
  • Facilitate the appearance of new products on the market relying on their demand and development programs; conduct return-on-investment analyses; draw up production scheduling
  • Satisfy operational requirements by scheduling employees and allocating responsibilities; control work performance
  • Establish prices based on the market research
  • Handle product management staffing
  • Ensure product management staff work performance
  • Update product management skills

Product Manager Requirements

The product manager job requires completion of a degree in Economics, Finance, Accounting, or any related major. Of course, candidates with the advanced degree or CPA are always given priority. Some organizations also welcome several years of product management experience.

An ideal applicant should display excellent PC skills, including a good grasp of the relevant software application. Plus, they must be proficient in tax processes, effective marketing, PR, accounting, statistics, and reporting.

Product Manager Key Skills

  • Leadership: product manager job evolves around scheduling, assigning, disciplining staff.
  • Outstanding communication skills to interact with customers, partners, management and employees
  • Concentration skills to be able to focus on specific goals
  • Creativity to make solutions that will boost sales and draw revenue
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Analytical thinking to assess market data, competition, product cost-effectiveness, etc.

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