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Branch Manager Job Description

In this article, we provide a Branch Manager Job Description that will simplify the process of sourcing a talented candidate for this role. Take care to mention all core details of a depicted branch manager job to ensure that applicants have a required qualification. Use our sample and edit it according to your organizational preferences.

Job Duties

A professional will have to perform various branch manager duties that concern with the direction of work and supervision. Basically, this specialist manages branch operations and staff, ensuring that customers stay satisfied with provided products or services of your organization. A branch manager job implies that a candidate will take an active approach and be determined to implement strategies that contribute to the business growth and sales goals achievement.


The branch manager responsibilities outlined in our sample provide the main points that you can to take into account when creating a branch manager job description for your organization. Select only those that are essential for an open role you offer:

  • Direct operations that concern the distribution, administration, customer service, human resources and sales
  • Evaluate conditions of local market and determine new opportunities for sales
  • Form objectives and build plans for business
  • Perform the job according to the target goals of a company
  • Manage finances and appropriately distribute funds
  • Provide coaching and training of branch’s team, ensure motivation
  • Identify which areas of business must be improved and suggest solutions in order to cope with issues
  • Share experience, efficient practices, and opportunities with other branches
  • Manage employee and customer satisfaction issues on time
  • Improve the reputation and presence of the branch
  • Stay current with the market and manage market reports


In addition to the branch manager duties and responsibilities, there are certain requirements for the applicants.

  • Bachelor degree in Administration of business or similar field
  • Experience in branch management or relative area
  • Excellent knowledge of management techniques and practices
  • Proficiency in computer (MS Office)
  • Basic understanding of sales targets and production

Key skills

Evidently, your applicant should have the corresponding skills to be able to perform on the branch manager job. Here are the basic ones to consider:

  • Good organizational skills
  • Leadership skills and ability to manage staff
  • Excellent communicative skills
  • Customer-oriented attitude
  • Commitment to results
  • Thorough understanding of business processes

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