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Technical Support Engineer Job Description

The given Technical Support Engineer Job Description will assist IT recruiters as well as the whole recruiting agencies to make their hiring process more cost-effective. So, before starting your quest for a professional, read this overview of TS engineer duties, responsibilities, skills, and requirements. In order to profit from this description to the fullest extent, adapt it for your company and feel free to post it on career pages or job boards.

Technical Support Engineer Duties

Basically, technical support engineer duties are all about controlling, troubleshooting maintaining computer networks and systems within a certain company. They are the first point of contact when it comes to malware, forgotten passwords, or e-mail issues. Using live chat or e-mail, these specialists provide quick answers to the clients. For more nuanced issues, they normally get in touch with customers via phone in order to provide them with clear instructions of how to eliminate a problem. In the case of unresolved issues, the first and foremost technical support engineer duty is to escalate the task to appropriate internal professional teams. Even after the issue is detected and resolved, a top-skilled professional follows up with a client to make sure that their system works properly.

On top of that, these specialists are in charge of developing precise customer-facing documentation and communicating client needs to the upper management.

Technical Support Engineer Responsibilities

The technical support engineer responsibilities mainly revolve around communicating with clients, providing technical support, and keep all necessary documentation. Read on in order to acquire a better picture of what this job is about:

  • Conduct research and provide solutions to various technical problems
  • Test and troubleshoot hardware and software issues, such as network configuration and account setup
  • Detect the root of any disorder by asking clients targeted questions
  • Guide customers through a series of actions until the problem is solved
  • Efficiently delegate unresolved problems to appropriate teams
  • Deliver prompt and precise feedbacks to clients
  • Efficiently employ external means as well as internal database to provide result-driven solutions
  • Properly log all issues
  • Prioritize and handle several unresolved issues
  • Make sure that clients’ IT systems function properly once solutions were provided and implemented
  • Compile precise and timely reports
  • Create manuals and make notes on technical issues
  • Establish jovial relationships with customers

Technical Support Engineer Requirements

  • Work experience at the related position (TS Engineer, IT Help Desk Technician, Desktop Support Engineer, or the like)
  • Familiarity with and proven work experience of the major OS’s (Windows, MacOS, Linux)
  • Hands-on experience with such technical products as mobile devices, computer systems, remote desktop apps, and so on
  • Superior troubleshooting skills
  • Bachelor’s degree in any relevant field
  • Certification in Linux, Microsoft, or the like
  • Ability to provide clients step-by-step technical help, both in a written and verbal form

Technical Support Engineer Key Skills

First of all, technical support engineer job requires superb communication skills and ability to easily access each customer’s level of technical competence. These will enable them to successfully provide clients with clear step-by-step guides to the solutions as well as conduct the role of a contact point between a company and customers. Since this job is not all about chatting with clients and providing genius solutions, a good specialist must also have strong writing skills and attention to detail in order to keep accurate records.

It also goes without saying that ability to win people over and write with no mistakes does not mean anything for a support technical engineer without logical thinking and problem-solving skills.

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