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IT(Information Technology) Director Job Description

This IT director job description outlines the main aspects of the position. No matter whether you are an employer or recruiter, it will streamline the whole recruitment process. Moreover, our sample is easy to modify, so if you find any discrepancies with your business nature, it is a snap to fix everything up. Post this template on job boards or career pages in order to draw the right candidate in no time.

IT Director Duties

In general, the Information Technology director duties are all about management of the lower-level IT personnel, which can greatly range in size, from a bunch of employees to a few hundred skilled workers scattered across many departments.

Along with that, the IT director is responsible for computer resources of the company, making sure that every single PC is available and safe. In addition, they control all technical support measures and even help the lower-level employees to troubleshoot problems.

Also, such specialists are ultimately in charge of network security, which consists of maintaining virus protection software, restricting company access to these or those websites, and taking other measures to protect the enterprise’s information.

IT director duties also include inspection and evaluation of new technologies with the following recommendations if necessary.

IT Director Responsibilities

All in all, the job of an IT director mainly rests on four pillars: management of people, management of resources, network security, and research with the following recommendations. However, the list of IT director responsibilities below will help you gain the better understanding of this role:

  • Control all Information Technology operations and coordinate them with the business objectives of the company
  • Elaborate and implement IT systems and policies to ensure implementation of goals established by the upper management
  • Set the annual goals related to IT operations and keep tabs on performance of the whole department
  • Detect technology needs of all departments according to their business requirements
  • Purchase cost-effective software and technological equipment
  • Control the efficiency and functionality of software and technological equipment
  • Detect the necessity of configurations, upgrades, or new systems
  • Control and report on budget and expenditure to the upper management
  • Facilitate establishment of cost-efficient contracts with vendors and other partners

IT Director Requirements

In order to obtain the IT director job, candidates should have at least 3-5 years of experience in information technology or network management. The perfect applicant has to demonstrate an in-depth understanding of networks, computer systems (both hardware and software), and so on. In addition, experience in handling information technology budget is a must.

Along with long-term experience and appropriate knowledge, most employers require BSc/BA in engineering, computer science, or any related field. However, candidates with MSc/MA degrees always take priority.

Information Technology Director Key Skills

  • Leadership and organizational skills along with the ability to remain a team player
  • Superior interaction skills
  • Decent analyzation abilities
  • Exceptional problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • Ability to make future plans, taking into account the current situation

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