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Sales Associate Job Description

Our Sales Associate Job Description free sample has been elaborated for your exclusive and opportune benefit. By posting this job description on your career page, you will eventually maximize your chances to hire a professional SA. Keep in mind that the template is rather flexible, and you can modify it without any effort.

Sales Associate Job Duties

Applicants for the post should be aware that the range of sales associate duties is rather wide. So, the majority of companies seek experienced prospects for sales associate job. These specialists are merely responsible for delivering the best service, anticipating the customer’s needs, and suggesting the most desirable solutions. Moreover, the SA duties include the following:

  • Greet the customers, ask them in what way they could be assisted; define the customers’ needs
  • Based on the pre-determined necessities, suggest a few options that meet the clients’ requirements
  • Describe the chosen product(s) from the standpoint of their benefits, values, and features
  • Manage the complaints and/or returns politely and respectfully
  • Collaborate with the sales team to reach the objectives of sales plan
  • Contribute to achieving individual sales plan
  • Take active part in all the sales-driving procedures and programs
  • Treat the staff and clients in the most courteous way
  • Maintain the store presentable during each workday
  • Be aware of the products’ location, the items currently on promotion, and the pricing within a store
  • Undertake the receiving of product shipment with their further displaying and distribution within a store


In addition to the drafted sales associate duties, here is the list of typical sales associate responsibilities. The potential job-seekers should be ready to assume the diversity of job duties in order to leave the client fully satisfied with the provision of the services.

  • Drive sales efficiently to reach the department’s sales targets
  • Keep an eye out for a customer all the time
  • Operate point of sale purchases
  • Incorporate cross-sells
  • Collaborate with the sales staff to provide the customers with the desired service
  • Aim at building the long-term fruitful business relationship with customers
  • Contribute to improving sales by means of diverse marketing activities
  • Adhere to the inventory control operations


In compliance with the foregoing sales associate responsibilities, most companies would make their own demands based on their profile. However, the potential prospects for this job are required almost the same nearly everywhere:

  • Solid work experience in the sphere of sales
  • Higher education diploma in Marketing or relevant field would be an advantage
  • Background in customer service practices and sales organization
  • Strong English (in speaking and writing)
  • Elementary Math skills
  • Customer-service orientation
  • Deep understanding of market trends and dynamics
  • Knowledge of inventory procedures
  • Practical understanding of POS purchases
  • Trace the sales quota’s over-achievement

Key Skills

  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Ability to organize, plan, and collaborate
  • Action and customer orientation
  • Self-motivation and educability
  • Ability to make one’s own decisions
  • Tolerance toward stress and rejection
  • Ability to build stable relations
  • Friendliness, politeness, complaisance
  • Competitiveness

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