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Executive Assistant Job Description

Our Executive Assistant Job Description template is free for downloading. This sample is of great use for large corporations and small companies willing to attract potential employees. It is absolutely flexible so you won’t have any troubles adjusting it to your company’s profile. Feel free to interchange any of the executive assistant responsibilities or skills in this job description.

Executive Assistant Job Duties

Executive assistant’s area of activities stretches over managing clerical staff with the highest performance possible. The job applicants must be versatile and savvy enough to assess the state of things and provide a timely solution. Here’s the outline of the most important executive assistant duties:

  • Assume the diversity of data management operations and their further realization
  • Act as a time saver for one’s upper executive by managing the entire incoming and outgoing correspondence; prepare documents by means of data gathering and analysis; organize telecommunications
  • Schedule the executive’s appointments, travels, conferences and other activities
  • Act as an official representative of one’s executive at all corporate levels
  • Handle the customer relations within the department; keep the clients’ activities confidential
  • Allot the tasks to administrative team and oversee the process of their completion
  • Create database backups in order to protect the information
  • Improve one’s technical skills by attending professional events and workshops; cultivate oneself by reading relevant periodic; widen one’s circle of acquaintance
  • Make one’s contribution to the teamwork and render the best result


Along with the already depicted executive assistant duties, there’s way to outline the major responsibilities. As the executives seek assistants with all around potential, the candidates for the executive assistant job should be ready to act as an office manager most of the time:

  • Maintain the inventory of office supplies
  • Develop one’s own filing and retrieval system within an office
  • Report on the current state of things in writing and in person
  • Note down the issues under discussion when attending any meetings
  • Sort and handle queries on the telephone; ensure correspondence distribution
  • Arrange and format the reports, presentations, and memos to convey them to external and internal stakeholders


As seen, the list of executive assistant responsibilities is incredibly multilateral. In order not to underperform at this post, potential job-seekers will be required to prove themselves as experienced and stress-resistant workers.

  • Higher education diploma in office management or any relevant sphere
  • Desired working experience in matching field to the company’s specific
  • Proficiency in CRM database
  • Good working knowledge of Microsoft Office applications and the Internet
  • Strong written and spoken English
  • Confident user of the newest pieces of office equipment
  • Clear understanding of the office management procedures
  • Diplomas or certifications in PA would be a plus

Key Skills

  • Communication skills at high level
  • Ability to organize clerical staff
  • Analytical mind with an eye for detail
  • Ability to prioritize and manage one’s time in the task flow
  • Flexibility with a positive attitude towards innovation
  • Teamwork skills
  • Readiness to bear the responsibility for one’s actions
  • Prudence and confidentiality
  • Immunity to fear of deadlines

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