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Operations Manager Job Description

An operations manager job is a vital role that deals with goods and/or service provision. Here, we offer a sample of an Operations Manager Job Description that is easily customizable and can be used by your company on the career pages or job boards. Ensure that a potential prospect complies with requirements for this position before conducting an interview.


This may vary for different companies. In general, operations manager duties involve the analysis and coordination of the product/service provision and process efficiency. It’s their main duty to come up with the best strategy that improves the performance and helps to satisfy the customers’ needs. Likewise, operations manager duties also include the liaising activity and interaction with a team and managers from other organizations, training of the new employees, tracking and managing the staff, as well as higher management and findings presentation to stakeholders.


An operations manager job is a demanding position that influences various areas of the organization. Thus, when sourcing a talent, it is important to make sure they comply with the list of operations manager responsibilities. We’ve selected essential ones for this role:

  • Plan and direct all operations connected with the service and/or product provision
  • Organize an efficient teamwork, train staff, and direct reports
  • Assure that everything works correctly and improve all operations to achieve better results for organization
  • Arrange inventory, purchase needed materials, and take care of warehouse effectiveness
  • Analyze the financial data and operate on the profitability improvement
  • Monitor KPI and manage the quality control
  • Supervise and appraise company prospects

Along with these operations manager responsibilities, there are some requirements and skills to take into account when hiring.


A candidate must have a higher educational diploma to apply for an operations manager job. Of course, the work experience on this position is preferable. So, you may ask for a letter of recommendation or any other proof that confirms previous experience. Except this, the basic requirements include:

  • Knowledge of financial and business practices and principles
  • Budget setting and cost management
  • Forecasting and operation of business strategies
  • Ability to interaction with a team and different organizational levels
  • Performance control and monitoring

Key skills

  • Bachelor degree (operations manager or related fields)
  • Good IT skills (MS Office, database, etc.)
  • Organizational and leadership skills
  • Analytical thinking
  • Research and planning
  • High communication level

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