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  • 220 mlncandidates
  • 57+countries
  • 110+ mlncandidates in US
  • 147industries
  • 28 mln«likely to switch» candidates

Find high-quality contact details

  • SignalHire
    100% valid emails
  • ContactOut
  • Lusha
  • Connectifier
  • Prophet
  • Skrapp
  • RocketReach
  • 100% of emails are verified in real time
  • Personal emails (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo)
  • Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, Quora etc.)
  • Phone numbers
  • Skype and other popular messengers

Use the Chrome Extension on most popular social networks

Find anyone's emails, phone numbers, social profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, MeetUp & Google+.Dribbble, Gmail, Xing, Quora etc. are coming soon.

Assign candidates to your jobs in one click

Explore your conversations with CRM

  • Sync your mailbox
  • Track opens
  • Send bulk emails to candidates
  • Create black copy email lists


Use the built-in SignalHire ATS if you don't have one or want to change your current solution
Or export candidates from SignalHire directly to your current ATS in one click


Robert Nielson

Together Networks, Senior Recruiter

“The SignalHire complete talent acquisition platform has a predictive candidate availability function that speeds up the hiring process threefold. SignalHire's Business Intelligence allows the user to focus on the most qualified candidates and easily dismiss those who do not fit the requirements in order to build the most relevant candidate pipeline.”
Cindy Kephart

Maxpay, Recruiter

“The greatest obstacle for MaxPay's recruiters was reaching out to candidates through the noise created by the thousands of other recruiters who were trying to contact the same candidates. SignalHire's Intelligent analytics allowed Maxpay to find high-quality candidates with the right skill-sets by searching through their peers in the industry.”
Charles Smith

Renatus, Director of Recruiting

“With the help of SignalHire's complete acquisition platform, Renatus has become much more effective in sourcing, screening and contacting candidates. We use analytics to find relevant candidates with the right skills at the most appropriate time to assemble a team of professionals in marketing, game promotion, analytics, and quality assurance.”
Adam Watkins

ClickDealer, Recruiter

“ClickDealer has benefited majorly from SignalHire's predictive analytics. Contacting candidates is much easier now and the whole staffing process takes a lot less time. SignalHire's talent acquisition platform has been a great help in picking out the most qualified people for highly specific positions.”
Sal Leone

Owner, CYRIS Executive Search

"This is a very powerful platform for tracking and sourcing candidates. Our goal was to find a solution that was easy to navigate, with a simple and clean UI. Their integrated ATS is easy, fast and highly functional and their candidate sourcing tool is a powerhouse. We have been through various platforms, this has been the best. The customer support has been phenomenal, very responsive."
Graham Watts

Founder, Iron Sight Executive Search

"I've been using SignalHire for about a month and have been very pleased so far. The Market Analytics and built-in candidate database is fantastic. The team has been super responsive and helpful as well."
Breno Cordeiro

Managing Director, Ventura Tec

"We have been using SignalHire for the past 6 months and highly recommend the software to all the recruitment community. We are a Specialized Headhunting firm that had previously tried all the mostly used and "big names" ATS unsuccessfully. Team management, reporting, candidate screening and hiring process has been optimized (and speed up) following up on the use of SignalHire."