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Complete Talent Acquisition Platform

SignalHire is a Complete Talent Acquisition Platform that accumulates 200M candidate profiles from different public networks. It has a complete package of ATS features for collaboration with the whole recruitment team, from small companies to large enterprises. SignalHire’s Business Intelligence is a one-of-a-kind module that offers the most affordable price in the market. It provides not only team efficiency metrics, but also allows the investigation of a market workforce flows.

Talent Sourcing

SignalHire's Talent Sourcing is a really user friendly search tool that provides you with an absolutely unique opportunity. We afford an innovative approach to sourcing top-skilled talents by providing deep insights into the present-day market situation and what is currently taking place within leading companies, where they get their employees from, and who to hunt from them.

Talent Relationships

It would be wasteful to ruin all possible talent searching work that’s been completed by recruiters due to an inadequate candidate application process. SignalHire creates favourable conditions for accurate candidate application that helps to decrease the time it takes to close job openings. Get an increase in productivity and profits by applying our predictive intelligence so you are able to make informed decisions on when the top talent should be contacted.

Agile ATS

Reduce your recruitment related costs, therefore improving your cost per hire, by using our exceptional visual drag and drop ATS. Our streamlined automated recruitment process significantly reduces your time-to-hire. SignalHire improves your team communication internally and externally by making collaboration as easy as a pie.

Business Intelligence

Boost the efficiency of your recruitment and improve ROI by using our interactive visual insights into business performance. Gain flexible real-time reports and analytics to observe the whole recruitment funnel, monitor all key metrics at a glance, and improve the strategic decision making process.


Relying on our business intelligence, our clients contact only the most appropriate candidates, thereby substantially speeding up and improving the hiring process and saving money and time.


“The SignalHire complete talent acquisition platform has a predictive candidate availability function that speeds up the hiring process threefold. SignalHire's Business Intelligence allows the user to focus on the most qualified candidates and easily dismiss those who do not fit the requirements in order to build the most relevant candidate pipeline.”


“The greatest obstacle for MaxPay's recruiters was reaching out to candidates through the noise created by the thousands of other recruiters who were trying to contact the same candidates. SignalHire's Intelligent analytics allowed Maxpay to find high-quality candidates with the right skill-sets by searching through their peers in the industry.”


“With the help of SignalHire's complete acquisition platform, Renatus has become much more effective in sourcing, screening and contacting candidates. We use analytics to find relevant candidates with the right skills at the most appropriate time to assemble a team of professionals in marketing, game promotion, analytics, and quality assurance.”


“ClickDealer has benefited majorly from SignalHire's predictive analytics. Contacting candidates is much easier now and the whole staffing process takes a lot less time. SignalHire's talent acquisition platform has been a great help in picking out the most qualified people for highly specific positions.”

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