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Account Manager Job Description

Our Account Manager Job Description template is free for downloading. This sample is helpful for large corporations and small companies and can be used to attract potential employees. It is absolutely adjustable, so don’t hesitate to use it for your company’s profile. Feel free to interchange any of the provided requirements or skills in this job description.

Account Manager Duties

The main job duties of a proficient account manager touch upon the client-based relations and interactions. This specialist handles effective client management and sales while making sure the customers are satisfied with the services and end-result of such a trade. In order to describe the full scope of account manager duties, we’ve elaborated the following listing:

  • Ensure the efficient job performance of the account management team in its entirety by guiding, heading, and tutoring its members; resolve any problems, which are likely to emerge due to this duty’s execution
  • Act as the company’s official representative to the existing and potential customers
  • Execute financial administration within several accounts
  • Prepare quarterly and annual sales reports to the head executives; provide them with an accurate insight into the accounts’ activities; impede the accounts’ attrition
  • Establish solid business and trade relations; maintain the existing working relations within the company; seek new opportunities for further growth and development of the sales department
  • Side with the clients at the company’s internal levels; coach other account managers to perform as proficient clients’ representatives
  • Increase the company’s volume of sales; encourage the account executives to set and reach the higher objectives in sales
  • Gather the customers’ feedback on the provision of services; deliver the queries and suggestions to head executives


As stated above in the list of account manager job duties, the area of its execution is mainly connected with the rendering of high-level services to the company’s clients. Although, there are some specific account manager responsibilities that we haven’t outlined yet:

  • Provide timely and opportune management solutions in relation to the customers’ preferences and goals
  • Resolve any conflicts and cases of miscomprehension within the cooperation of customers and executors
  • Conduct negotiations and conclude contracts with an intent to maximize the company’s earnings
  • Supply the external and internal stakeholders with a full and particular account on their competitive initiatives
  • Provide one’s help with conflict escalations or high severity issues whenever requested


In order to successfully perform all the account manager responsibilities and duties, the skills of the potential candidates for this post will be reasonably assessed to determine their fitness for this job. Here are the basic requirements that the corporations may post to evaluate an applicant’s competence:

  • Solid background in the field of (key) account management or other matching areas
  • Excellent communication skills and ability to act as a representative at all levels of the corporate hierarchy
  • Good working knowledge of CRM software and proficiency in Microsoft Excel
  • Strong spoken and written English
  • Experience in providing the customers with timely solutions under their requirements
  • Attention to details and excellent project management skills
  • Ability to listen and negotiate
  • BS/BA degree in Sales, Business Administration or corresponding field

Key Skills

  • Ability to work in high-stress environment
  • Analytical mind
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Ability to organize, supervise, and stimulate the account management team
  • Numerical literacy
  • Understanding of the company’s business line

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