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Server Administrator Interview Questions

It’s hard to imagine the IT realm without servers. This powerful machinery makes it possible to store huge amounts of data without your direct participation. This is why the ideal database administrator is duly concerned with keeping the systems in good condition. When your server performs at a high level and there are no obvious errors, you don’t even wonder about the server administrators’ flawless performance. That’s basically the art of efficient administration, to work without attracting attention and deliver the best operational results.

As server administrators are complex-task superheroes, the queries you should open your job interview with should touch upon their technical skills and working knowledge of soft- and hardware. Question them about their previous experience, define their familiarity with operating systems maintenance – in other words, test them back and forth. The following interview questions will be extremely useful when assessing the applicants’ technical background:

  • What is the function of IntelliMirror?
  • Explain what you understand when hearing “tattooing” the Registry.
  • What is the initial purpose of the domain controller?
  • Name a few types of DNS common queries.
  • Define what’s the AD database and where is it held?
  • Spell out the abbreviation LDAP. What is it used for?
  • Is there a difference between a computer process and a thread? What is it?
  • Why is it necessary to deploy local DNS servers?
  • In terms of DNS, how can it be understood “caching only server”?

If a job seeker has successfully answered the foregoing interview questions, then it’s time to ask situational ones. This question kit is a bit trickier because the potential candidates will need to adapt their core skills to challenging customer-based issues. These questions will help you assess their ability to resolve difficult queries:

  • What’s the guideline for installing an app without MSI file?
  • If you stumble upon inexperienced PC user, describe the set-up process for the remote installation procedure.
  • Imagine you need to change TCP/IP configuration on Windows Server. What actions will you undertake?
  • Walk me through the process of connecting Active Directory to the third party Directory services.
  • Explain how would you change the configuration of the DHCP server for it to allocate the identical IP address to different devices?

In case the job-swapper’s answers live up to your expectation, slow down and finish the interview positively. This is the perfect opportunity to sass out more about the interviewee’s personality, especially their attitude towards executing complex tasks and working in the challenging technical environment. Don’t forget to answer the applicant’s questions concerning the job post. Good luck with your interview!

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