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Marketing Consultant Job Description

Fantastic Marketing Consultants and Where to Find Them. Here’s another creation of our team that will facilitate the process of hiring the best talent for marketing consultant job. The information we provide in the given Marketing Consultant Job Description is totally customizable. In case some of the points do not comply with your corporate specifics, feel free to insert your own requirements. Make use of this free template and come across the greatest specialist twice faster.

Marketing Consultant Job Duties

The scope of marketing consultant duties stretches over strategic planning, marketing research, and implementation of the strategies. That’s why the job seekers should keep up with the newest market trends and competitors’ activities. To help you get a better understanding of what marketing consultant duties constitute the workload on the whole, we’ve drafted the following:

  • Furnish the clients with convenient marketing advice and suggestions
  • Conduct an all-around research based on the customer’s products or services
  • Analyze the competitors, their marketing and promotional activities
  • Write in-depth reports in terms of research findings and analysis of the competition
  • Assist clients with preparing written documentation and oral presentations in order to assure one’s marketing guidance
  • Suggest proper marketing decisions on the subject of budgets and approaches; ensure the clients reach their sales objectives
  • Strive at developing efficient advertising to enforce the clients’ marketing presence
  • Provide one’s help to the rest of marketing team when it’s a matter of positioning, branding, and communications
  • Monitor feedback and sales, as well as fine-tune marketing strategies when needed
  • Elaborate productive tracking methods to ease the performance appraisal


As mentioned above, the general duties for this role are deeply associated with an understanding of the company’s marketing needs. Therefore, the list of marketing consultant responsibilities includes the following points:

  • Stay informed about the current trends in the industry; seek commercial opportunities for further growth
  • Prepare elaborate proposals
  • Direct marketing efforts with the help of corresponding tools and methods
  • Cooperate with external marketers
  • Assume project tracking and results analysis
  • Contribute to the overall improvement of marketing procedures within a company


The potential applicants for the job should be strategic thinkers to assume the entirety of marketing consultant responsibilities. They have to be experienced in market research and data analysis; thus, hands-on experience as a marketing consultant is a must-have. In order to perform efficiently, the candidates should be knowledgeable in marketing principles and practices. Besides, the office seeker will be assessed from the standpoint of their educational background, so BA/BSc or MA/MSc degree(s) in marketing or matching field are crucial. Proficiency in Microsoft Office, as well as understanding of IT sphere and marketing software (CRM) will be advantageous.

Key Skills

  • Impeccable presentation and communication skills
  • Client-focus
  • Ability to organize, plan, and multi-task
  • Exquisite writing skills
  • Creativity with an eye for detail
  • Strong leadership and people management skills
  • Ability to manage one’s time
  • Problem-solver and self-starter
  • Openness for innovations

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