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Payroll Specialist Job Description

The given Payroll Specialist Job Description will come in handy for those who are on the lookout for a good fit for their company. If used properly, our template will streamline your quest and reduce your recruitment costs, since it outlines all the necessary information about this position. Just make sure that our sample meets the requirements of your enterprise. If not, modify it accordingly – it is a no-brainer.

Payroll Specialist Duties

The major payroll specialist duties evolve around processing, managing, and distributing the payroll of a certain enterprise. They compile and submit payroll documents and ensure that all benefits, hours, and deductions are taken into account - thus, all payroll accounts remain balanced. In addition, any PS tracks vacations and sick hours, enters employee personal information into payroll database, complies with the state regulations for payroll processing, responds to inquiries from personnel about wages and salaries, etc.

Such specialists are typically employed to work in accounting or finance departments.

Payroll Specialist Responsibilities

Simply put, the major goal of payroll specialist job is to ensure the adequate, precise, and complete compensation in a timely manner. However, that’s just a tip of the iceberg. The list of payroll specialist responsibilities will provide the in-depth understanding of the given position:

  • Calculate a number of hours worked by every employee
  • Take into account overtime hours, bonuses, deductions, etc. through a computer system
  • Seek and get approval from the upper management for payments as appropriate
  • Compile and execute payment orders by means of paycheck distribution or through a computer system
  • Administer payment statements to staff on paper or electronically
  • Process taxes and payment of employee benefits
  • Follow on wages, compensation benefit and hour rates, staff renewals, etc.
  • Report to the relevant departments and management

Payroll Specialist Requirements

  • Ability to manage business affairs
  • Proven work experience as a payroll specialist, accountant, or the like
  • Bachelor’s degree in accounting, business, or any relevant sphere
  • CPP is always a plus but not a requirement
  • Outstanding knowledge of payroll best practices and accounting fundamentals
  • Display superior familiarity with data processing applications, particularly proficiency in Excel, Payforce, ADP, Query, e-Time, and Kronos

Payroll Specialist Key Skills

The top-skilled payroll specialist has a good knack for numbers and is detail-oriented when it comes to sensitive data. The rest of the required skills include:

  • Organizational, prioritizing, and multi-tasking skills
  • Analytical thinking as well as problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • Exceptional communication skills, verbal and written, in order to effectively interact with different levels of management
  • Professionalism

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