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Receptionist Job Description

This Receptionist Job Description sample resumes the key duties, responsibilities, requirements, and skills relevant for this position. The template will assist employers and recruiters in their search for a suitable candidate. Note that this receptionist job description is easily customizable, so you can adapt it for your needs.

Receptionist Job Duties

Chatty and cheery personality seems to be an underestimated trait. However, these character features are really sought-after by the employers who are on the lookout for a skilled receptionist. The receptionist job duties go much further than just picking up phones. Front desk receptionists play a crucial role in a wide range of organizations, as they display the concept of the organization to the customers.

Basically, it is all about welcoming and greeting guests. Though, that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Receptionist job is connected with phone calls, relaying messages, arranging catering and couriers, making appointments, etc. Except for creating a friendly environment, they are in charge of making it secure by recording every visit, issuing visitors badges, etc.

Neat appearance is only half the battle. The receptionist job duties also include the receptionist area and inventory that must be kept clean and tidy.

Receptionist Job Responsibilities

Since the receptionist job is in-demand almost in every niche of the industry, the relevant responsibilities may slightly differ. However, these differences are insignificant and the list of receptionist job responsibilities is easy to tailor to the needs of your company. We picked out the most common ones and compiled them into a neat list. So, receptionist job responsibilities consist of the following activities:

  • Serve customers by greeting in person or via phone, welcoming, guiding them around the location appropriately, making them feel comfortable, informing them about vacant rooms, and managing booking (if it’s a hotel)
  • Respond to customers’ queries
  • Answer telephone, screen and forward calls, supply information to callers, take and transfer messages
  • Keep records on appointments, bookings manually or electronically
  • Organize conferences, meetings, arrange catering
  • Provide security awareness by maintaining records about visitors, and issuing them badges
  • Manage mail and parcel delivery
  • Keep an eye on office equipment
  • Keep receptionist area tidy and clean

Receptionist Job Requirements

The receptionist job generally requires completion of a high school diploma. However, some employers consider Bachelor’s or even Master’s degree to be compulsory.

As receptionists are in charge of maintaining records, the knowledge of PC and relevant software applications competencies, as well as database/spreadsheet are also listed among receptionist job requirements.

Plus, the lion’s share of receptionist job is dedicated to communication with clients, which requires extra knowledge of customer service principles and practices.

Sometimes, these receptionist job requirements are more important than higher levels of education.

Also, several years of experience of similar job is always welcomed or even required in some organizations. In addition, companies that serve mainly international clients also value the ability to speak several languages.

Receptionist Job Key Skills

  • Verbal and written interpersonal skills
  • Resistance to stress
  • Professionalism
  • Customer service orientation
  • Information management skills
  • High attention to detail
  • Reliability
  • Organizational and planning skills

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