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Sales Coordinator Job Description

When sourcing a talented specialist for a sales coordinator job, it is vital to highlight the top points that cover the basics of a given role. We’ve created a Sales Coordinator Job Description for you, which can be easily adapted to the needs of your company. Take a look at the bullet points below and get a better understanding of this position. Feel free to copy the sample and post it on different job boards.

Sales coordinator duties

On a sales coordinator job, an employee performs different sales-related activities that concern with managing working plans, schedules, and documentation. To be specific, the sales coordinator duties touch upon the communication between a sales team and customers. It’s their main duty to coordinate the colleagues’ work and handle clients’ feedback. Therefore, your potential employee must be organized in sales matters as well as experienced in answering the customers’ requests.


Bearing in mind the stated duties, we’ve come up with a list of sales coordinator responsibilities that you should consider when creating a sales coordinator job description for your organization:

  • Coordinate teamwork and keep documentation
  • Make sure that the provided sales materials and equipment are appropriate
  • Answer clients requests, handle complaints and provide support on the after-sale stage
  • Manage reports in electronic format, store all financial and sales-related data
  • Ensure accurate processing of all orders
  • Inform customers in cases of delays
  • Suggest improvements as to the working process
  • Work on promo materials, assist in preparation for the events

These sales coordinator responsibilities serve as a start point for your description. You may improve it with details that concern your company’s specialization.


Any sales related position has specific requirements that your candidate must comply with when applying for the sales coordinator job. Here we outline a list of essential ones:

  • Experience in sales positions; other coordination or administrative experience will be a plus
  • Proficient computer skills (MS Office)
  • Good knowledge of English
  • Bachelor degree in administration or any other relevant area
  • Certification in marketing or sales will be considered an asset

Key skills

Since sales coordinator is a central specialist that plays an important role in communication with clients, they must have such skills:

  • Responsible and well-disciplined with a problem-solving aptitude
  • Excellent skills in communication
  • Ability to organize people and coordinate their activity
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks and clients’ requests at a time

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