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Project Engineer Job Description

The given Project Engineer Job Description sample provides a brief overview of the core duties, responsibilities, requirements, and competencies. Our template will come in handy for recruiters and employers who are looking for a top-skilled specialist. The sample is easy to customize for any requirements and, if used properly, may significantly narrow down the scope of unsuitable candidates.

Project Engineer Duties

Project engineer duties are all about performing the technical, supervisory, and organizational role on construction projects. These specialists usually decide where to place different infrastructural equipment involved in various construction operations.

Moreover, they collaborate with other professionals, such as architects, construction managers, planners, engineers, supervisors, and surveyors.

The scope of project engineer duties is scalable, but all in all, the main task of a PE is to ensure project quality and accuracy from conception to completion.

Project Engineer Responsibilities

So what does this specialist do? In the given paragraph, we’ve summarized the core project engineer responsibilities:

  • Act as the head technical adviser on a construction site
  • Prepare, schedule, coordinate, and monitor engineering projects
  • Allocate responsibilities
  • Ensure accuracy of plans, quantities, and calculations
  • Ensure that all works are being performed and all materials comply with requirements
  • Oversee the requisition and selection of materials
  • Negotiate with clients, define their needs
  • Perform quality and safety control; initiate corrective actions if needed
  • Report on project status
  • Compile reports and documents; create presentations in accordance with requirements

Project Engineer Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or any related field
  • Proven working experience as a project engineer
  • Superb knowledge of design and visualizations software (for example, AutoCAD)
  • MS Office competence
  • Knowledge of rules, regulations, and performance standards
  • Current engineer license
Project Engineer Key Skills The project engineer job involves a broad scope of functions on a daily basis. To this end, the top-qualified job seeker must display the set of required skills. Some of them are as follows: • Solid interpersonal skills • Ability to quickly find solutions • Analytical thinking • Creativity • Decent numeracy skills • Good knack for project management • Flexibility • Superior negotiation skills • Leadership skills

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