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General Manager Job Description

When creating an application for a general manager job, it is necessary to take into account some specific aspects that will ensure that you attract qualified candidates. A General Manager Job Description example provided here covers the basic requirements for the given position. Revise and adjust it for your organization before posting a vacancy on a career page or job board.

General Manager Duties

The general manager job assumes all types of management activities such as training, counseling, and orienting managers; planning and monitoring business strategies; communicating values and objectives, and more that maintains a company image and brings results. Actually, the scope of general manager duties is quite vast. It always depends on the organization and the area in which it operates. However, collaboration with employees and customers, progress review, as well as coordination of actions within a team are the core general manager duties for this position.


This description includes a list of general manager responsibilities that you may adopt for your company. In fact, the main purpose of a general manager job is to work at obtaining more profit by accomplishing business goals. We have selected the top general manager responsibilities that are common for this job:

  • Lead and control various business operations
  • Train new staff, monitor hiring
  • Determine objectives and plan strategies for a company
  • Set objectives and goals to employees
  • Monitor the team performance and overall progress
  • Delegate tasks to achieve the set goals
  • Coordinate financial activities and supervise reporting
  • Assign usage of provided resources
  • Analyze data on business performance and measure productivity


To apply for a stated position, a candidate must comply with basic requirements. So, when posting a general manager job and picking your potential prospect, make sure to take into account the following:

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Previous experience (which is beneficial)
  • Proficiency in MS Office and software applications
  • Knowledge of management, business principles, and strategy planning
  • Expertise in staff managements and administration
  • Understanding of accounting and economic principles

Along with the above stated, you may as well consider specific requirements and duties related to the sphere of your organization.

Key Skills

Once you determine the main requirements for a vacancy, it’s necessary to outline the skills you want your candidate to have. In this general manager job description, we point out only the most important ones:

  • Ability to work in team
  • Decision-making
  • Communication ability
  • Leadership qualities
  • Responsibility
  • Management skills
  • Proactivity

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