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Content Manager Job Description

The content manager is a rare species because it’s super hard to find a decent applicant. This is the main reason we’ve elaborated the present Content Manager Job Description. By issuing it on your company’s career page, you automatically shorten your way to hiring a #1 asset. To make this free sample more personal, adjust the missing content manager duties, which comply with your company’s profile.

Content Manager Job Duties

Along with strongly developed creativity and detail-orientation, such a specialist should have a God-given talent to write. Therefore, the basic set of content manager duties includes:

  • Assume client guidance by creating digital content strategies in order to guarantee the goal attainment
  • Lead the team of copywriters and content executives and oversee the results of their job performance
  • Direct the client-related content production, e.g. whitepapers, imagery, email marketing, blogs, videos, and articles
  • Handle the entire process of content marketing to make sure all content is properly targeted and displayed
  • Administer external connections with content generators while being charged with editing, commissioning, and delivery of the outsourced findings
  • Guarantee timely delivery of the content in accordance with budgets
  • Make sure the created content works to raise the client’s brand awareness

Content Manager Responsibilities

The potential candidates for content manager job should be aware that the workload is massive, and one should go that extra mile to perform efficiently. The following paragraph sheds some light on the list of content manager responsibilities:

  • Generate and post non-trivial content
  • Be responsible for editing, proofreading, and improving the writer’s groundwork
  • Follow a content strategy aimed at the corporation’s long-term and short-term marketing objectives
  • Assume the responsibility for SEO optimization of the content
  • Develop and implement an ROI-maximizing editorial calendar
  • Work closely with designers and marketers to bust out site layout, style, and content
  • Distribute content to SM platforms and online channels to draw more traffic
  • Analyze the metrics for user engagement and website traffic by means of content management systems
  • Make sure the content complies with law
  • Stay current with the latest trends and undertake effective idea-generating activity

Content Manager Requirements

  • Hands-on experience as a content manager
  • Expertise in WordPress and Microsoft Office
  • Basic knowledge of web publishing, HTML, SEO, JavaScript and CSS
  • Email marketing experience will be a plus
  • Fluent English
  • Exquisite familiarity with social media
  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Human science or corresponding field

Content Manager Key Skills

  • Creative mind
  • Outstanding time-management and organization skills
  • In-born attentiveness and an eye for detail
  • Excellent communication skills in speaking and writing
  • Ability to work under pressure and to manage deadlines
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Teamwork and team building experience

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