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Team Leader Job Description

The given Team Leader Job Description will assist recruiters and employers in hiring the best-fit candidate, as it clearly outlines the main duties, responsibilities, requirements, and skills of this position. Our easily customizable sample may be posted on career pages or on job boards – just make sure that it meets your company’s needs.

Team Leader Duties

The lion’s share of the team leader duties consists of the organization, delegation, management, and performance control within a certain team of employees. This job shouldn’t be underestimated since a team leader is necessary almost in every industry. After all, every team needs effective guidance and motivation on a daily basis.

The team leader duties are all about allocating tasks evenly, taking tabs on their implementation, and maintenance of performance levels. They provide their team members training and development if necessary. Though any team leader is occasionally in charge of report writing, they predominantly act as motivators, supervisors, and mentors. Simply put, the team leader job is aimed to ensure that everything goes according to plan.

Team Leader Responsibilities

The team leader responsibilities evolve around team management, task allocation, and creating an inspiring environment. The list below will provide you a clearer picture of this role:

  • Motivate every single team member, making sure that everyone pulls their weight
  • Allocate tasks and set deadlines
  • Control work performance
  • Ensure accuracy and quality of assignments
  • Report on metrics
  • Define coaching needs and provide training
  • Clearly communicate team goals, making sure that they are achieved
  • Tackle any issues and conflicts
  • Arrange team building activities
  • Foster risk-taking and creativity

Team Leader Requirements

In order to obtain this position, the job seeker isn’t necessarily required to have a certain degree. Most of the team leaders have worked their way up the career ladder from the bottom level up to the administrative position. However, if it comes to hiring one, proven work experience as a team leader or a supervisor is vital. Also, it’s advisable for a candidate to possess a degree in the field, which is related to your company’s industry.

Moreover, an additional education in business, management studies, or marketing will enhance the candidate’s chances of landing this job.

Along with experience and education, the talent should have a good PC (especially, Excel) competence in order to regularly compile reports on metrics.

Team Leader Key Skills

  • Ability to make fast and informed decisions
  • Superb leadership and organizational skills
  • Outside-the-box communication and negotiation skills
  • Flexibility
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Multitasking
  • Initiative
  • Ability to focus on details
  • Solid time management skills

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