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Technical Support Job Description

In our Technical Support Job Description, you will find all core details of the role, which you can adjust and then use for posting on the career pages and job boards. You can rely on the provided sample as it is based on the research conducted in this field. Save time on information gathering and create an outstanding description for a technical support job.

Technical Support duties

Specialists on this position assist in solving technical issues received from customers. Most of the technical support duties deal with answering multiple queries via phone calls, emails, chatting, and other available channels. Basically, the technical support job requires from a specialist to provide help at all stages of problem-solving when required.


By stating the main technical support responsibilities, you ensure that an applicant knows what they are expected to do in this position. Since the job directly concerns the engineering in the IT sphere, you shall include the following technical support responsibilities in your opening:

  • Manage customers’ issues and take care of problems until they are resolved
  • Diagnose, research the customers’ issues and determine ways to resolve them
  • Follow standard instructions and procedures for escalation of issues that can’t be immediately resolved to appropriate team
  • Provide accurate and on-time feedback
  • Ensure that all issues are recorded properly
  • Prepare and properly manage feedback reports
  • Take technical notes and fill out forms of knowledge


A technical support job description won’t be complete without a list of requirements, which are essential for any opening. You must warn your applicants as to the qualification needed for this job or otherwise, you’ll waste time on filtering out candidates who initially do not have the needed knowledge and experience. So, the basic requirements are:

  • Bachelor degree in Computer Science, IT or relative field
  • Working experience on the similar job (technical support, IT support or technical engineer)
  • Previous experience in using Unix/Linus systems, scripting, and other applicable software

Key skills

The specificity of a technical support job predetermines some essentially important skills as well as an attitude that a candidate must adapt. It’s not only about excellent verbal and written communicative skills but also about abilities to handle problematic issues. Your candidate should be stress resistant and able to handle clients’ feedback at all times. It’s their role to stay professional no matter what and perform their duties throughout the process of resolving issues. Good client-facing skills are also desirable.

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