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IT (Information Technology) Manager Job Description

Although the key responsibilities for this post vary according to the employment sector, this IT Manager Job Description contains nothing but essentials. This major advantage makes our free template easily adjustable so you can rewrite it in compliance with your company’s specific. By posting this sample on your career page, you boost your chances of hiring a professional. All the contents provided in this job description, including the paragraphs about Information Technology manager duties, can be modified at your convenience.

IT (Information Technology) Manager Job Duties

The well-performing IT managers are responsible for maintenance of the existing information technology strategies and implementation of the new ones. Except for that such specialist is also charged with the full management of IT staff. The detailed list of Information Technology manager duties is given below.

  • Supervise the IT staff job performance and appraise their work results
  • Act as a coach and counselor able to reduce the employees to discipline
  • Coordinate the existing computing procedures and policies; aim at implementing new ones
  • Contribute to creating a favorable work atmosphere; seek opportunities for personal growth
  • Manage technological survey based on the corporation’s strategies and objectives
  • Finalize projects in accordance with scheduling of data center and user departments
  • Create data backup copies and information security procedures in order to protect the assets
  • Preserve quality of service by enforcing company standards
  • Aspire to improve technical and professional knowledge, attend the associated events, benchmark up-to-the-minute practices
  • Make one’s own contribution to team effort


As written above, IT manager job incorporates the plenty of duties. We proceed to the next step by outlining the scope of Information technology manager responsibilities:

  • Initiate planning for IT and digital data procedures; execute control and assess their functionality
  • Assume full management of computer systems and information technology
  • Make sure the data is secured; monitor and update backup systems
  • Manage safe network remote access
  • Comply with system functionality and user needs in order to make one’s contribution to corporate policy
  • Anticipate the risks and suggest timely strategic solutions
  • Inspect systems and evaluate their outputs
  • Manage yearly budget and warrant cost effectiveness


To ensure the potential employee is able to perform all the IT manager responsibilities, the corporation may implement the following requirements for the post:

  • Solid background as an IT manager or in a matching field
  • Proficiency in technical management and data analysis
  • Advanced knowledge of computer software/hardware systems
  • Staff management experience
  • BS in MIS, Computer Science or relevant department
  • Extreme awareness of data governance and data center management
  • Excellent familiarity with computer networks installation and administration

Key Skills

  • Analytical mind with an eye for detail
  • Ability to act as a problem-solver
  • Stress-tolerance
  • Proficiency in technical aspects
  • Ability to manage one’s own time
  • Organization and leadership skills
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Teamwork and team building experience

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