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Marketing Director Job Description

If you’re willing to hire fast and cost-effectively, take a glance at our Marketing Director Job Description. This free sample can save you a lot of time and effort because it already contains all the bullet points concerning the scope of work and skills. You can post it on your job board or career page and, in this way, attract the most promising applicants. If some of the listed here marketing director duties can be hardly associated with your company’s specifics, feel free to juggle them as you wish.

Marketing Director Job Duties

To start with, a bunch of marketing director responsibilities and duties are really impressive. In order to perform effectively, the potential office seekers should be resilient and flexible at the same time. The development of custom-branded marketing strategies is a matter of paramount importance, that’s why professionals realize the importance of being one jump ahead of the competition. The full list of duties related to marketing director job is as follows:

  • Enforce the company’s market presence by implementing and suggesting elaborate marketing solutions and strategies
  • Increase market share by creating marketing programs and plans for each product; manage promotional events
  • Make sure the company is represented at various meetings, seminars, and conventions
  • Forecast market changes and prepare reports based on the gathered data
  • Attract new users to already existing products by means of well-tailored promotional activities
  • Meet the estimated level of job performance by coordinating employees’ effort; assess the working results of each staff member
  • Assume the entirety of staff coaching activities, including recruiting, training, disciplining, suggesting opportunities for professional growth, etc.
  • Stay savvy and ready to improve technical knowledge by taking part in associated events


Considering the foregoing list of marketing director duties, it’s important to understand this is only the tip of the iceberg. The basic responsibilities of the post include the following:

  • Track work achievements and issue reports on overall performance
  • Take part in corporate promotion by planning and executing campaigns
  • Make sure the company’s online presence is not marred by disadvantageous content or design
  • Carry out market research and maintain a database of its findings
  • Control budgetary issues and execute thorough resource distribution


  • Solid background in marketing and communications, business administration, or any matching sphere
  • Hands-on experience as a marketing director
  • Creative and analytical mind
  • Highly developed interpersonal and communication skills
  • Good working knowledge of WebTrends, Google Analytics, and Google AdWords
  • Keep up with the latest online marketing practices and techniques
  • CIM graduates will be given an advantage

Key Skills

  • Ability to organize, supervise, and inspire the team
  • Strongly developed self-motivation
  • Customer orientation
  • Ability to build successful and long-lasting relationships with clients
  • Expertise in marketing
  • Proficiency in budget management, marketing research, and statistical analysis
  • Ability to manage one’s own time and multi-task
  • Impressive communication abilities
  • Leadership and teamwork skills

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