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Sales Representative Job Description

No business can function without good sales who boost the revenue growth. Hence, there are no good sales without a result-driven specialist. This Sales Representative Job Description sample is suitable for those who are on a quest for a qualified candidate. Our template is easy to customize: just select those points that apply to the sales representative job you are specifying.

Sales representative duties

Basically, sales representative duties evolve around seeking out and drawing prospective customers. For this purpose, they often combine inside and outside sales job: conduct cold-calling or visit every apartment. The sales representative duties go much further beyond selling. The potential specialist is expected to detect customers’ needs and communicating them to company’s management. Thus, they provide direct support to the sales managers in order to help them improve the procedure.

Sales representative responsibilities

To know more about the core sales representative responsibilities in detail, explore this list:

  • By means of solid argumentation, present and convince consumers to purchase certain products/services
  • Conduct cost-benefit and needs analysis
  • Build and maintain positive business and customer relationships
  • Attract potential clients by means of cold-calling
  • Tackle customer needs and grievances
  • Adjust sales effort
  • Evaluate the territory/market potential, monitor sales and status reports
  • Stay informed of the latest and best promotional practices
  • Use feedback for continuous self-improvement
  • Regularly report on customer requirements, needs, grievances, preferences to transform them into products/services

Sales representative requirements

  • Sales representative job or customer service experience
  • Superior knowledge of the relevant software (Microsoft, Word Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)
  • Business knowledge, familiarity with BRM and CRM
  • BS/BA degree (However, some organizations hire applicants without education. Most of the training is done on the job.)

Sales representative key skills

  • Strong sales skills
  • Excellent communication (verbal and written) skills to be able to speak in a friendly way regardless of the situation, politely listen to customers’ needs and provide solutions to them
  • Convincing skills to come up with reasonable arguments to make sales
  • Multitasking to interact with tons of people daily
  • Flexibility to endure work at odd hours
  • Stress immunity and persistence: sales job is a series of ups and downs. A good specialist should be able to bounce back from the failed sales.

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