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Business Manager Job Description

Before posting a new opening for a business manager job on a job board or a career page of your organization, a recruiter must revise the common demands for this role. Our free Business Manager Job Description will reveal insights into the peculiarities and requirements of the stated position. Take the sample below and adjust it the way you see is appropriate for you company.


Along with an overall description of a job provided, a recruiter shall also point out the main business manager duties that a specialist will perform at this position. Most of them concern with business management and its efficiency. In addition, a specialist may deal with such activities as participation in educational events, review of professional publications, and accomplishment of different requests and organization goals that provide new opportunities for business growth.


The frontmost business manager responsibilities are to take care of business units and their operations. Basically, they guide and manage business development. However, it always varies by companies. So, you might want to thoroughly look through the objectives of the organization before listing business manager responsibilities in your description. In our template we’ve included the following:

  • Handling the management of business objectives and goals
  • Develop business strategies and implementing business plans to achieve the set goals
  • Make sure that the organization has all needed resources to complete all activities (equipment, materials, staff etc.)
  • Coordinate business operations to ensure better productivity
  • Improve effectiveness of work by providing feedback and strategic suggestions
  • Supervise employees and enhance the workflow
  • Cooperate with partners, vendors and suppliers
  • Collect and interpret all data and prepare reports
  • Evaluate company performance
  • Company representation on conferences, events, etc.


The business manager duties and responsibilities outline the role almost completely. There are some essential requirements left to be covered in order to ensure the suitability of a potential prospect for a business manager job. You may include these points:

  • Bachelor or Masters degree in Business Management or relevant area of specialization
  • Experience of working as a business manager will be a plus
  • Understanding of different business processes
  • Knowledge of how to develop strategies for business
  • Ability to apply research methods and analysis techniques

Key skills

Finally, to complete your business manager job description, it will be beneficial to mention the skills you’d like your candidate to have. For example:

  • Proficiency in MS Office, databases and systems
  • Good interpersonal and communications skills
  • Ability to incorporate the culture and vision of the company
  • Forward-thinking and ability to foresee the business performance
  • Skills of a competent leader

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