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Market Research Analyst Job Description

When a business venture lacks the representation on how their product and service range will fare across the markets, they hire an ultimately proficient analyst. We’ve drafted the given Market Research Analyst Job Description, which is the key to attracting such a specialist. This sample is of service to both recruiting agencies and related departments within small or large businesses. If any of the listed Market Research Analyst duties do not comply with your company’s business line, don’t be hesitant to juggle them (or even interchange) at your convenience.

Market Research Analyst Job Duties

The major duties relating to this occupation are closely linked to the deep exploration of the market space in order to define potential sales of a service or product. Certainly, the Market Research Analyst duties vary from company to company. However, it’s possible to mark out the most common ones:

  • Oversee and anticipate market trends in sales
  • Determine the efficiency of marketing programs and strategies
  • Elaborate and evaluate methods for gathering data (i.e., public opinion polls, questionnaires, and surveys)
  • Capture and analyze information about market conditions, competitors, and customers
  • Present survey findings and data in the form of comprehensible graphs and tables
  • Draft in-depth reports whenever requested by management or clientele

Market Research Analyst Responsibilities

If you’re looking forward to speeding up your recruiting routine (and even more stumble upon promising office seekers), then make sure the list of Market Research Analyst responsibilities is carefully written. Do not hesitate to adjust the suggested list, as it will surely cater to your needs:

  • Have a deep representation of the company’s business goals in order to ascertain the potential consumers’ preferences
  • Carry out reliable SWOT analysis of market research
  • Make sales forecasts based on the study findings
  • Store the acquired information into separate databases
  • Stay abreast of the latter market trends and strain after putting them into practice in accordance with the company’s profile
  • Seek educational opportunities for career growth, attend the associated events and workshops

Market Research Analyst Requirements

In order to fulfill the abovementioned duties with the highest possible performance, the applicants for Market Research Analyst job should qualify for a list of requirements below:

  • Past performance as a market research analyst or similar role
  • Strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office, databases, and statistical packages (SAS, SPSS, etc.)
  • Proficiency in web analytics and search engines
  • Familiarity with tools for business research and CRM programs
  • Advanced user of data collection methods (interviews, focus groups, literature reviews, surveys, public opinion polls, etc.)
  • In-depth understanding of data mining, modelling, and warehousing
  • Bachelor degree in Marketing, Statistics or matching discipline

Market Research Analyst Key Skills

  • Analytical mind
  • Aptitude in critical thinking
  • Ability to focus on details
  • Strongly developed business acumen
  • Multitasking skills
  • Impeccable presentation and communicative skills
  • Data-savviness and ability to process large amounts of information

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