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Office Assistant Job Description

In order to ease your quest of a well-qualified job swapper, we’ve incorporated this Office Assistant Job Description. It can be downloaded at no cost and posted on your job page. Small businesses and larger corporations differ by their specific. This template is open for editing, so you will have no troubles customizing it. If any of the office assistant responsibilities provided in this sample don’t suit your company’s profile, you can easily rewrite them. By doing so, you will save your time and ensure that applicants get a clear understanding of an offered position.

Office Assistant Job Duties

The role of an office assistant is unfairly underestimated. These specialists assume the entire scope of clerical and secretarial tasks. Office assistant duties are very similar to the ones of admin assistant and office manager. If taking it into account, the potential candidates should possess all the key competencies of the foregoing two posts. The following paragraphs depict the main peculiarities of the office assistant job duties.

  • Receive and distribute communication messages; coordinate correspondence service; make copies of documents via scanner and printer
  • Make sure the level of the supplied inventory within an office is above average; order the missing items whenever necessary; confirm receipts and supply the workstations with the requested pieces of office inventory
  • Execute control over equipment performance; manage the effective operation of office equipment by means of preventive measures and urgent repairs
  • Ensure timely delivery of the requested items with the help of a vehicle in accordance with the office schedule
  • Act as a receptionist off and on, greet and serve clients, answer their queries, further communications, receive and endorse the clients’ orders, keep them abreast of order details
  • Improve professional knowledge by taking part in educational training and conferences
  • Promote the reputation of the corporation, seek future business opportunities, and increase the value of acquired job results


The entirety of office assistant responsibilities covers numerous aspects of office management. To create and sustain the productive environment, the candidate should be ready to carry out the heavy workload. Here are the basic responsibilities for this role:

  • Optimize office procedures by providing timely help to the associates
  • Establish long-term relationships with coworkers, clients, and providers
  • Maintain the accurate records in compliance with running documentation
  • Plan and appoint business meetings
  • Act as a problem-solver when it comes to office breakdowns
  • Cooperate with related departments to make sure they operate according to policies


Potential candidates should have a background in administrative management to perform the office assistant duties at a high level. Apart from that the job seekers should be proficient Microsoft Office users and have a High School degree. Business training attended will be a plus. Moving further, the prospects should be aware of the office management procedures. We seek an office assistant with strong working knowledge of ERP software and office equipment. Extra advantage will be given to the candidate having excellent Internet skills.

Key Skills

  • Analytical mind with an eye for details
  • Proficient in numeracy
  • Ability to plan, prioritize, and work under stress
  • Excellent communication skills in speaking and in writing
  • Aptitude in problem-solving and reliability
  • Adaptability and accuracy
  • Team working skills

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