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Secretary Job Description

Secretaries are specialists who take charge of the administrative tasks and manage office workflow in the organization. Need one for your company? Start off by focusing on the basic requirements of a given role and check out our Secretary Job Description sample prior to choosing potential prospects. We have collected all the necessary information you might find helpful when posting a vacancy on a company’s job board or career page.

Secretary Duties

In this secretary job description, we have given an overview of the most common secretary duties. The outlined position assumes that a professional will assist managers and executives in an administrative manner, providing support in the distribution of information and planning. Thus, the main secretary duties are the organization of a workflow whilst managing office agenda, answering phone calls, and other tasks which ensure a smooth running of a company. At some point, a secretary is a central person who takes care of all internal queries. However, there are such secretary duties as scheduling the appointments and arrangement of meetings that consider the external activity. Now, what do secretaries actually do?

Secretary Responsibilities

As been stated, a secretary’s role involves administrative tasks. In general, the secretary responsibilities are:

  • Answer to telephone and skype calls. Their timely redirection
  • Update files and information on employees, suppliers, clients, and partners
  • Handle weekly/monthly agenda
  • Arrange meetings and schedule appointments
  • Fill out forms and prepare necessary correspondence
  • Prepare various reports
  • Handle and maintain a filing system
  • Manage travel arrangements

In some cases, this list of secretary responsibilities can be enlarged with occasional duties of a receptionist if required by your organization. Or else, you may also include liaising with other organizations, and anything else relevant to a position you offer.

Secretary Requirements

When sourcing a prospect for a secretary job, your potential candidate must comply with the suggested secretary requirements. Obviously, a qualification or an academic degree in business, IT, languages, administration or any other related field is considered to be beneficial. If this is backed up with a previous experience, that’s even better. Also, some employers require particular training. However, that all depends on what level of a specialist you seek. Therefore, we only state the core requirements for an applicant:

  • Diploma of graduation (HSD)
  • Knowledge of MS Office, proficiency in computer
  • Time management and multi-tasking capabilities
  • Professionalism in duties performance
  • Understanding of organization and office techniques

Key skills

A secretary is the main person to be asked about organizational issues. Thus, there are some crucial skills a prospect must possess when applying for a secretary job:

  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Teamwork skills
  • Ability to negotiate
  • Organizational talent
  • Communicative skills
  • Problem-solving and decision-making abilities

Feel free to use our template, customize it for your organization, and save time on sourcing.

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