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Account Manager Interview Questions

An account manager ensures strong relationships with customers and oversees the sales in a certain enterprise. These specialists exert the clients’ needs and plan how to cater to them. Though the requirements for this role vary from organization to organization, the basics of this job always remain the same. All in all, account managers collaborate with their teammates to boost sales, achieve goals, meet deadlines, communicate with the customer and the enterprise to establish budgets, and detect new sales prospects.

Since every single customer counts, making a contribution to the company’s revenue and reputation, it’s extremely important to hire a specialist that will fit the bill. So, as soon as you find a suitable applicant, it’s time to set a job interview. Our Account Manager Interview Questions will help you recruit the best prospect possible.

Role-specific points

  • How many accounts have you managed in your career?
  • How to successfully build a lengthy relationship with clients? What is the key?
  • Why is a lengthy relationship with a customer so important for your company’s wellbeing?
  • Try to cross-sell and up-sell services or products of your company to me.
  • Imagine that you are a new account manager. I’m telling you such things as “Your prices are too high”, “I don’t need your services”, “I’m too busy: contact me in half a year”. What is your next step to turn me around?
  • How would you calm down the unsatisfied client?
  • Imagine that your key customer acts in an unacceptable way. How would you react?
  • Have you ever dealt with an unsatisfied customer? What was your solution?
  • What is your previous sales record?
  • What’s your track record in achieving revenue goals and customer satisfaction rates?
  • What was the biggest and the most important project you worked on from scratch?
  • Are you a team player?
  • Do you possess any leadership abilities?
  • Can you successfully motivate your teammates to achieve goals?

General questions

  • How would you estimate yourself as an AM?
  • Describe your key strong and weak points?
  • What inspires you in your day-to-day work?
  • What makes you outrank the rest of applicants?
  • What do you know about our enterprise and its business nature?
  • What does this position attract you?
  • Why do you want to switch your company?

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