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Social Media Coordinator Job Description

Social Media Coordinator duties are sort of a concoction of writing, teaching, analyzing, managing, and developing. No surprise that such a specialist needs to be creative and quickly adapt to the fast-changing technology trends. The given Social Media Coordinator Job Description was crafted to ease your way through a recruitment funnel so you can discern the best talents effortlessly. In case you wish to customize or update this template, download it and edit at your convenience.

Social Media Coordinator Job Duties

The potential applicants for Social Media Coordinator job will have to face a bunch of tasks referring to organization and management of social media activities in a company. Versatility and tech-savviness are the key points when it comes to hiring such a specialist; the multitude of social media coordinator duties touches upon the creation of successful marketing campaigns that serve to maintain the general brand image.

  • Craft advertising content that circulates throughout social media and is intended to promote sale of services and goods
  • Draft, edit, and proofread all levels of content including the body and headlines for all internal and external needs
  • Develop and realize into practice SM programs that guarantee proper online messaging and promote corporate objectives through LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Slideshare, Twitter, Google+, etc.
  • Keep oneself informed about the latter social media trends by means of social media groups, applications, and tools
  • Cooperate with the related departments’ staff in order to publish content on social networking platforms
  • Compile timely reports based on findings of one’s SM monitoring
  • Assume the analysis of site performance metrics and counsel on content, website features or design to enhance the efficiency of web applications and/or content

Social Media Coordinator Responsibilities

Along with the foregoing list of Social Media Coordinator duties, we’ve drafted the identical one comprising a stack of the most common responsibilities for this role:

  • Hatch decent content (image, text, and video) that drives user engagement
  • Hype the newly fabricated/developed products
  • Keep track of SEO and web traffic
  • Stay abreast of all the social media updates and modifications
  • Counsel co-workers on how to make use of social media with the highest success rate
  • Ensure the communication on a “customer – company” level both online and in person
  • Manage the performance of SM accounts
  • Urge new ways to expand the existing client base

Social Media Coordinator Requirements

As seen from the paragraph above, the range of Social Media Coordinator responsibilities implies creating and promoting the company’s SM strategies in order to ensure profitability. Due to this fact, the majority of companies pay attention to the following requirements when hiring:

  • Educational background in New Media, Marketing or matching field of study
  • Operating experience as an SM Coordinator
  • High level of familiarity with various social media spaces
  • Proficiency in keyword research, SEO and Google Analytics
  • Working knowledge of online marketing channels and strategies
  • Aptitude at delivering creative content (image, video, and text)

Social Media Coordinator Key Skills

  • Combo of analytical and creative mind
  • Multitasking abilities
  • Impeccable communicative skills
  • Ability to coach and supervise
  • Time-management practitioner
  • An eye for detail
  • Tech-savviness
  • Flexibility and adaptability

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