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System Engineer Interview Questions

System engineers typically improve and maintain information systems that perform key functions of this or that company. They are responsible for software design and development in order to provide the highest levels of system performance, safety, and availability.

Perfect potential system engineers have abundant technical experience along with excellent troubleshooting abilities. In the course of your interview, ask questions that include scripts and automation software used in your company. It’s also crucial to detect the applicant who can effectively solve the most typical malfunctions of your system in the shortest period of time. In order to assess your applicant’s skills more precisely, add an assignment to your interview.

Together with solid software management skills, those job-seekers who always stay updated on the latest industry trends usually take priority. The totally fit system manager is a specialist who researches, learns, suggests, and adopts new application to boost the performance of existing systems, enhance effectiveness, and eliminate user grievances.

Our set of system engineer interview questions comprises three major groups: computer science, role-specific, and behavioral questions.


  • What is DNS? When should you back it up? What functions does DNS perform?
  • What do you know about cloud applications? Name the pros and cons of using them.
  • Define a disaster recovery plan. What does it consist of?


  • How can you prove that technical documentation isn’t out-of-date?
  • What was your last installation on a server?
  • Imagine that the website is slow. How would you make it work faster? Tell us about your approach.
  • How to manage system configuration?
  • Can you perform containerization and virtualization? Have you ever used such tools as Virtualbox or VMware?
  • How to deploy a SQL server?
  • How would you make sure that an application works without a hitch?
  • Is it possible to debug a program which is being used? How?
  • When is the Java Scripting API used?
  • Enumerate automation pieces of software for Windows? Which one is the best?
  • Can a system engineer ensure system development, testing, and adoption on their own?


  • What resources help you keep abreast with the latest engineering trends?
  • What were the most frequent problems you ran into after deployment?
  • Have you ever prepared presentations? How did you translate technical issues to a non-technical audience?
  • What technical problem was the most challenging for you in your experience?

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