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Project Coordinator Interview Questions

Project coordinators are in demand almost in every industry. Their core duty is to follow up on the life-cycle of projects and to tackle any arising issues. They often act as liaisons between the project manager and the team. Any project coordinator also reports regular updates to the upper management and teammates.

The candidates for this role are typically required to possess a superior knowledge of MS Office along with a BS/BA in the related field. Plus, PMP/PRINCE II certification is always welcomed by the employers.

Project coordinators should display focus on details, resourcefulness in the combination with good quantitative analysis skills and ability to transform numerical reports into tasks. Outstanding communication skills are vital for this job.

The Project Coordinator Interview Questions below will help you uncover the candidate’s skills, education, experience, and personal qualities. It is advisable to start a job interview with the questions which evaluate the applicant’s familiarity with project management in general and their own professional philosophy.

  • Tell us about your most challenging project. What was involved? What was the purpose? What role did you perform?
  • What books and ideas build your management philosophy?
  • What tools do you use to follow up on the project progress?
  • What tools do you use to make a project plan?
  • Have you ever helped to increase ROI in your company? What methods did you apply for this purpose?
  • What are your methods to boost the competency of teammates?

Project coordinators should create the transparent working environment. These specialists should discuss directly project updates and future plans. Plus, an organization of informal meetings and team activities can strengthen the team spirit. Can your candidate handle this task? The questions below will help you:

  • How do you communicate the project updates to your team?
  • How do you conduct informal meetings?

The project coordinator is in charge of creating an inspiring environment and tackling conflicts. Fumbling their ability of conflict resolution with the questions below:

  • How do you inspire your team in the face of scope creep or deadlines?
  • How do you inspire juniors?
  • At previous jobs, how did you handle those teammates that disagreed with your decisions?
  • What would you do if your manager rejected all the done work and told you to start it from the ground up?

Project coordinators should possess strong communication skills, as their job often implies a great deal of interaction with clients, teammates, and the upper management. The following questions will help you uncover these and other skills:

  • What is your approach to sharing bad news?
  • How often do your act as a representative of your company?
  • The project coordinator job involves a lot of multitasking. Where do you place top priority?
  • How would your colleagues describe you?
  • Are you able to work under pressure?

In the end of your job interview, let job seekers ask their own questions. Sometimes, they are more important that yours. Outstanding talents will ask smart and specific questions.

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