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Network Engineer Interview Questions

A network engineer is usually a higher-level post, whose foremost duty is to design and implement new technologies for efficient maintenance of a company’s network system. These specialists act as employee supporters by making sure all the operations within a network are conducted swimmingly and safely. The following sections with the fine-tuned interview queries will come in handy to bring the best out of your hiring funnel.

Technical expertise and scenario-based queries

While initiating a set of job interviews, hunt the finest applicants with an exquisite technical knowledge and hands-on troubleshooting experience. High-grade network engineers have to be knowledgeable in minimizing of breakdowns and system bugs. Besides, the quality you are looking for is their ability to provide opportune solutions to the arising problems. Therefore, your interview kit should incorporate questions that are helpful for assessing the office seekers’ software proficiency and your company’s current protocols.

  • What measures would you adopt to safeguard an internal network from outside menace?
  • Is there a possibility to link two computers for sharing files without recurring to a router or hub?
  • Imagine a website is not loading for a while. What is your way to resolve this issue?

Position-related queries

The second section of an interview is entirely dedicated to the ‘back-end’ side of this role. As network engineers are deep into creating high-performing networks that usually integrate Internet, LAN, intranet, and WAN components, their accurate understanding of network analysis and modeling is quite meaningful.

  • Enumerate the networking protocols that you have worked with.
  • How many layers does the OSI reference model include? What are they?
  • Define a notion of a proxy server. What is its use?
  • What are the pros and cons of owning an IP address?
  • What are the main reasons of network defects? How do you handle these software breakdowns?
  • What does it mean “to use encryption” within a network?

Personality-based queries

The most promising of your candidate pool should show their interest in industry-related news. Always be on a lookout for potential network engineers who take advantage of researching and apply technological innovations to ensure the company’s performance and meet the users needs.

  • What is your way to be in the picture of the latest industry trends?
  • Which task do you regard as the most challenging? How did you overcome it?
  • In case you need to communicate industry-specific details to an audience of technical newbies, will you possibly undertake a presentation or write a manual?

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