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IT Project Manager Interview Questions

The finest project managers are the core of a clockwork drive, which covers interacting with the staff and clients to ensure the smooth management of a project. If you add a few role-specific queries to the interview, you are bound to select a top-grade skilled applicant for the post of a project manager.

Methodology and Technical Proficiency

As a common practice, the interview session might be opened with a slew of queries concerning the candidate’s technical capacity:

  • When looking back on your previous experience, what project management software have you made use of?
  • Imagine I ask you to work out a plan for your future project and give you a laptop. What will be your preferred software to install right away?

After you’ve evaluated the interviewee’s level of technical proficiency, do not hesitate to ask them about the project management methods they recur to:

  • Speak about your professional approach to handling a project.
  • Share your creed on project management. Do you find agility as one of your inherent qualities?
  • How do you figure out your own scheduling?
  • Describe your approach to resource distribution.

In case you happen to come by a certified Project Manager Professional (PMP), you might want to question an office-seeker about how and when they gained this certification, what pitfalls they stumbled upon, and so on.

Interpersonal Abilities

It often depends on an IT project manager how the team members will cotton together. The queries about people skills can be general or specific:

  • Do you keep abreast of the political changes?
  • Recall a situation when you had to reconcile two influential stakeholders with different opinions. How did you handle it?
  • Anyway, the answers you get should reflect the potential PM’s ability to sustain favorable working conditions for their teammates and keep the project on track.

    Hard-skills-related queries

    Not a single interviewer omits this section of questions, neither should you. The previous work experience is basically a key to defining the applicant’s business competencies, so you should probably ask these questions:

    • What aspects of the last project you’ve managed do you regard as challenging?
    • When the project was set up to failure, what did you experience in the aftermath?
    • How do you handle project fails?
    • Are you into contingency planning? In what manner?
    • Which way of result presentation and delivery do you prefer?
    • Have your ever been charged with closure processes? If yes, what type did they relate to?
    • Is it a custom practice for you to revisit projects after you’ve delivered them? How often do you do it?

    Get thoroughly prepared to a project manager interview with these questions, as they will shed the light on the job swappers’ impeccable technical knowledge and strongly developed business acumen.

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