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Software Architect Interview Questions

Counting days to the upcoming Software Architect Job Interview? No need to raise a dust, keep calm and play it cool because we have saved the best for last. This job interview sample has been carefully worked out for your absolute benefit. It’s super-customizable, you can make use of all the listed questions or just the part of them. Most importantly, the content we provide here is the key to the proper evaluation of the candidate’s technical and behavioral matters.

IT architects are charged with defining system requirements in order to design and maintain well-performing computer networks. They also monitor the overall system performance and examine the existing hardware and software for efficiency.

When conducting an interview, ask the potential prospects about their coding skills in different programming languages, whether implicitly or explicitly. As IT architects assume the scope of heterogeneous tasks, you should consider highlighting their level of familiarity with software development and design tools. It’s most desirable to ask the job applicants to write an essay because it’s a nice way to see how seriously they undertake complex engineering projects.

Impeccable communication skills, technical proficiency, and impressive operational experience – this is how you’ll know you’re looking at your ideal software specialist. The given interview queries will take you straight to expert IT architects who are more likely to make your software development department work twice more efficiently to deliver only quality system solutions.

Questions to define the hard skills

  • Take us through the update process of an existing live website.
  • How to distribute tasks and responsibilities in a software project?
  • Imagine your team has welcomed a new member. What will be your tips and suggestions?
  • Describe your routine for designing a payment processing system? Could you do anything differently if this system was a distributed one? What?
  • Define the notion of scalability.
  • Would you mind explaining how you understand the word “clustering” and its use?
  • List the database management systems that you are familiar with.
  • Do you see any differences between component-based and object-oriented design? What are they?
  • Describe the process of collecting system requirements.
  • Imagine you have to test a code. What tool(s) would you make use of?
  • What are your actions if it’s necessary to enable a replicate session of Java EE application?

Questions to define the soft skills

  • Have you ever designed innovative software? Please furnish us with more details.
  • Render an account of a time when you had to explicate technical issues to a non-knowledgeable audience. How did you make sure your presentation was comprehensible?
  • Tell about the most taxing software development project you were in charge of. Describe your role.

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