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Recruiter Interview Questions

A recruiter is one of the in-demand professions in the today’s IT realm. To be honest, it’s probably the most important one, as the recruiters assume the full scope of work to maintain efficient recruitment cycle within a company. It depends on a recruiter whether your organization is likely to welcome new members, which add value to the work you do.

These interview queries serve as a kickoff for you to hire in-house and agency recruiters. We’ve drafted them with a unique intention to facilitate your hiring routine and dig out the best talents. Needless to say that your top applicants should be good in both word and deed. You’ll know the person you look at is the one you need by their detailed responses, bolstered up with hands-on work experience. With our Recruiter Interview Questions, you will evaluate not only the prospects’ technical knowledge but also their personal qualities.

Operational questions

This is the basic query kit, which follows an introductory part with these “speak-about-yourself” affairs. Thanks to this section, the candidate’s background, technical knowledge, and past performance will get out for you to assess their proficiency.

  • Speak about the talent sourcing methods of your preference. Which are you currently using? Which of them proved to be ineffective?
  • Define the main troubles with sourcing that you had while working for other companies?
  • Enumerate and outline your preferred tools for tracking the job seekers.
  • What jobs do you estimate to be the hardest to perform? Explain your point.
  • Describe your attitude towards interviews. How do you get prepared for it? What are the key elements you try to highlight?

Situational questions

Our next step is to define the candidate’s skills and abilities to effectively perform the job duties of a recruiter. You need a specialist with strong communication skills, who can identify the situation and channel the interview in a necessary way. Other skills – e.g. curiosity and tenacity – will be also detected with the help of the following interview questions:

  • In a few words, describe the hiring process within a company you’ve worked for previously. What were the ups and downs? Which points do you think need fine-tuning?
  • Rate your familiarity with referral programs. What was the role of engagement, technology, and rewards in the general performance of the program? Would you change anything?
  • Have a look at our cost per hire, time per hire, and success rate. Is it possible to improve them? What would you suggest to start with?
  • Is it challenging for you to work with hiring managers? Explain your answer.
  • Imagine you are asked to hire two times more people next year. How will you change your hiring process? What measures will you take to improve your quality of hire?

For the best result, make sure the interview questions contain at least few queries tailored to your specific environment. This means that the potential candidate should be aware of your company’s business line to perform at the highest level possible.

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