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HR(Human Resources) Manager Interview Questions

The HR manager job is often underestimated. However, such specialists perform the mission-critical task: they ensure the wellbeing of this or that company. So, it isn’t surprising that for the past decade, this job has been growing in popularity together with a number of applicants eager to obtain the position. In the view of such demand, it isn’t a snap to hunt down the best-fit candidates only. In order to lend you a hand at it, we have compiled the list of Human Resources Manager Interview Questions that will streamline your hiring process.

In order to set the ball rolling, start your interview with general questions to reveal the candidate’s background. You can ask the following:

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Do you have any extra relevant certification? How did you get it? What was the hardest part of it?
  • Describe your experience as a human resources manager if you have any.
  • After you get an overview of the applicant, proceed to the main body of the interview in order to explore more specific aspects. They may include operational and situational questions, such as:

    • What is your hiring approach? Describe your own method of finding fit talents.
    • Have you ever handled a complex HR project from A to Z? Describe that experience.
    • As a newly hired Human Resources manager, what kind of employee policy would you suggest? Why would you place top priority on it? What measures would you take to ensure company-wide abidance by this policy?
    • What do you understand under company culture? What measures would you take to maintain it?
    • What is your most preferred HR technology tool? What tool would you use for applicant tracking (referrals, onboarding, payroll, etc.)?
    • How to boost the employee satisfaction and motivation? Which perks/benefits usually do the trick?
    • How do you control abidance by such national labor laws as social security, industrial laws, taxes, and health insurance? Have you ever dealt with a misstep in this respect? How did you handle the subsequent regulatory issues?
    • Describe the most effective approach to handling employee and the upper management conflicts.

    In the end of HR manager interview, ask several questions to explore whether a candidate fits the environment of your company:

    • Are you able to work overtime?
    • What type of schedule suits you the best?
    • What do you know about our company? What are our products? What services does it deliver?
    • What makes you a good fit for our enterprise as an HR manager?

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