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Technical Lead Interview Questions

The job of technical leads is closely linked to the in-depth management of the technical department. Their scope of work also covers the provision of prompt and convenient support in terms of programming and engineering issues. Tech leads assume the responsibility for reviewing a code and the overall success of technical projects.

When conducting a job interview, pay careful attention to a job seeker’s CV. You should be looking for a proven technician and IT expert, having a degree in Computer Science. Concerning the duties they perform, technical leads are quite similar to team leads. Both of these roles are charged with task distribution among team members, creation of a positive motivational environment, and end-to-end project management.

If you manage to hunt a professional technical lead who is able to tackle multiple coding projects, your company will be on top of its game. Because of their specific duty – to bring into being efficacious technical solutions – these professionals are bound to lead by example. Consider including a test paper to perceive the applicants’ competencies. You can also throw a few coding questions into the mix to define the candidate’s level of familiarity with different frameworks and programming languages.

Scenario-based questions

  • What would be your suggestions to a new teammate to ensure they blend in well?
  • If you get to notice one of your team developers may potentially perform better in another team, who would be the first to discuss this transfer with?
  • Due to unpredictable schedule shifts, your team has got less time to finalize a big project. What would be your strategy of motivating others to push a bit harder?
  • You’ve been asked by your team members to help them improve task fulfillment. What your reply would be, and in which manner would you approach this plead? What measures would you undertake to come by the new hardware and/or software?

Job-related questions

  • What do you start with when it’s necessary to check up someone else’s code? Which tools can come in handy to evaluate the quality of code?
  • Please specify what is the use of IT help desk software for improvement and monitoring of remote systems?
  • Share some details of your research methodology. In case you have to work out a new software system, what precedes the actual deployment?
  • What are the options to debug a program provided that it is in current use?
  • Tell about your preferred programming language. Would you like to enrich it with a few new options? Which exactly?

Personality-based questions

  • What do you regard as your own contribution to the IT sphere?
  • Tell a few words about a prosperous project you’ve just finished. Who led the team, and what was your role?
  • Share your experience of problem-solving activities within a team.
  • Basing on your past performance, what steps did you take to meet tight deadlines?
  • How do you keep track of industry and technology innovations?

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