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Sales Associate Interview Questions

The sales associate is a living magnet that attracts sales through interaction with customers, which includes defining their needs, responding to their queries, and making sensible recommendations. To this end, such specialists should demonstrate exceptional communication skills as well as the huge motivation that will enable them to bounce back from the failed sales.

And the special perk for the newbs: though certain experience in sales or related sphere is always welcomed, it is not a must thanks to the on-the-job training. The same rule works with the educational aspect, which depends on the company, though.

The following sales associate interview questions consist of three major groups: operational and situational questions, role-specific, and behavioral questions.


  • What would you say to a customer who is interested in a product which is entirely new to you?
  • Your long-term customer can’t get the product they want. How would you tackle the problem?
  • The customer behaves in an unacceptable way. What is your reaction?
  • What technical resources do you use to develop IT solutions for the clients’ needs?
  • How would you let clients know about specials/discounts/bonuses?
  • Walk me through the whole process of closing a sale.


  • Imagine that you need to contact leads provided to you. How would you contact them? How would you start the conversation?
  • Imagine that you need to perform a call with our prospect. How would you start the conversation?
  • What helps you to keep cool when you are swamped with customer’s inquiries?


  • Have you ever provided the top-notch customer service? Describe me that time.
  • Have your ever experienced conflicts with other teammates? How did you resolve them?
  • How do you usually handle difficult client?

It is also recommended to ask the interviewee a couple of questions specific to your type of produce. The answers will reveal whether they understand its concept and like it from the customer’s point of view.

In addition to the traditional set of interview questions, you can ask the potential sales associate to sell something to you. No wonder that this trick is so popular since it helps to explore three aspects: the applicant’s sales skills, their ability to generate creative ideas under pressure, and their interest in your produce.

At the end of your sales associate interview let the job-seeker ask you questions. Those applicants who ask sensible and “to-the-business” questions always stand out from the rest of the pack.

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