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Business Development Manager Interview Questions

Every organization needs a person who will generate its revenue. To this end, business development managers are sought-after in every field. This specialist may be in charge of closing business deals, product sales or both.

When hiring candidates, employers usually pay attention to their self-presentation skills, ability to listen attentively, and strategical thinking. In addition, the perfect fit should show high motivation, time-management skills, and resourcefulness.

Depending on the business goals, both entry-level and experienced applicants are required. The candidates to land senior positions should possess superior knowledge of the industry as well as the skill to build and retain beneficial business relationships. As for the junior applicants, they are required to emanate confidence and possess superior persuasion skills. When it comes to the educational requirements, they are also optional and depend on the organization’s goals as well.

Anyway, the list of Business Development Manager Interview Questions that hit the point is a must in any case.


  • Imagine that I’m your potential client. You have 3 minutes to close a deal with me.
  • Your potential customer avoids you. How would you fix the situation?
  • Imagine that one of your long-term clients checks out the competition’s brand. What would you do to retain this client?
  • Imagine that your team can’t come to an agreement. How would you handle the issue?
  • What partnerships would be beneficial for our company in your opinion?
  • In what way do you exert the needs of a potential customer?
  • How do you handle aggressive clients? Describe the most difficult one you had to deal with.
  • Are you familiar with our produce? What methods would you employ to sell it?


  • Tell us about your average annual quotas.
  • Describe the process of business development from A to Z.
  • How to define a new market to enter?
  • Enumerate three main factors that you bear in mind when evaluating a deal.
  • How do you usually find new business partners? What are your most preferred strategies?
  • How do you retain existing partners?
  • Enumerate your most preferred sales techniques.
  • Outline the future prospects for our industry.
  • What do you know about CRM software? Are you familiar with it?


  • Have you ever negotiated prices with a client?
  • Have you ever withdrawn from a deal? Why?
  • How to sell produce that you don’t believe in?
  • What was your most beneficial deal?
  • Can you work on several deals at the same time?
  • Can you handle reporting, market research, and selling at the same time?
  • Have you ever missed out on a crucial deal? Describe that time.
  • Have you ever supervised juniors?

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