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Full Stack Developer Interview Questions

When preparing for the interview with a candidate for a full stack developer job, you should keep in mind that this role is more complex. Usually, a Full Stack Developer Interview Questions are of a technical character and include points dealing with front-end and back-end code. Therefore, the scope of questions will touch upon various topics, from databases to UI implementation and servers.

First of all, it is suggested to make notes and make a brief plan of an interview flow. Think about how you’d like to start, determine which points you want to check in the beginning, and then follow up with additional points that will help you get a complete picture of your candidate. We would recommend you to start off with the following general questions:

  • What is your total experience?
  • Have you ever worked with web applications? Describe the projects.
  • Did you ever have problematic situations or conflicts when fulfilling the task? Describe them.
  • What software, technologies and/or tools did you use in your previous projects?
  • What are your expectations as to the opened position?

Now moving on to a technical part, you may consider asking them the following:

  • How can you define such terms as inversion control, virtual function, and dynamic bidding?
  • How can you define tail recursion?
  • Describe the working process of the garbage collector. What’s it like?
  • What is A/B testing and when it is applicable?

If it is required, you may as well include interview questions concerning system architecture, such as:

  • What design principles do you know?
  • If separation of concerns is not used in development, what will be the drawbacks to your mind?
  • What are the pros of microservices?
  • What is 3-tier architecture?
  • What is 3-layer architecture?
  • Why use an application server? What is it for?
  • How do you understand the aspect-oriented programming?

Certainly, the interview questions for the full stack developer job are quite detailed and require basic knowledge and understanding of the technical aspects and programming. That’s why, before you actually get into that, you must look through the opening you are posting to ensure that your questions fit the exact requirements of your organization.

We would suggest to include points that deal with web developments, SQL, NoSQL, transactions, scalability, load balancing, cache, networking, and code writing. However, those can be initially checked with a test assignment that your applicant must fulfill for the job.

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