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Systems Administrator Interview Questions

Systems administrators are accountable for creating and managing network servers. Also, they are in charge of any software and hardware issues. The typical sysadmin is so-called “puzzle solver” of a company. In case any technical issue occurs, this jack-of-all-trades is there to come up with a fit solution. Though this job seems to be unglamorous and often remains unnoticed, systems admins perform a mission-critical task – they allow employees to do their job more quickly and efficiently. Thus, finding a top-skilled systems administrator is vital for a company’s welfare. Give a quick start to the proper job interview preparation with our sample questions.

Begin your job interview with basic background questions in order to evaluate the interviewee’s experience, education, and knowledge of SA-related essentials. For this purpose, ask the following:

  • What kind of certification do you have?
  • What is your sysadmin experience?
  • Describe your typical day.
  • Which systems did you work with? (Windows, Linux, etc.)
  • Are you familiar with hardware components?
  • Did you make any mistakes? What were they like and what did you learn from them?

In the next part of your job interview, let the job seeker showcase their knowledge of the basic sysadmin terminology. These questions might be quite helpful in this respect:

  • What is TPC/IP? What does this abbreviation stand for?
  • What is VPN? What function does it perform?

If your purpose is to hire a senior systems administrator or your company complies with higher standards, these questions on advanced SA concepts will assist you:

  • What function does Global Catalog Server perform?
  • What is the Active Directory meant for?
  • What is KCC and what is its core function?
  • What does GPO stand for? What does it provide? In what order are they processed?
  • How would you define an Enforced GPO?
  • How would you define a Lingering Object and how is it connected with an Active Directory?

It’s no secret that top-skilled systems administrator should be a good team member, display superb communication skills and a great deal of patience in order to encounter different PC competencies and remain calm and professional. Furthermore, sysadmins are expected to demonstrate solid problem-solving skills in order to generate efficient solutions in no time. Thus, ask several questions to fumble the talent’s personality:

  • What are personal qualities of a perfect systems admin? Do you possess such qualities?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Do you think that problem-solving skills are vital for SA job? Which role do they perform in the career of an SA?
  • How do you evaluate the importance of a team-work part?

In the end, make sure that the applicant fits your organization’s principles. The final questions might be as follows:

  • What do you know about our company?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • Does the salary we offer live up to your expectations?

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