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Marketing Internship Interview Questions

Marketing interns are typically about-to-be graduates in any field related to marketing. These students are craving for some work experience. Your task is to detect the most talented applicants who are willing to make extra efforts on the way to their career goals.

The perfect fit for your company will provide you assistance at various levels of projects. To this end, your ideal candidate should have a good grasp of the major marketing techniques. The marketing internship questions given below will meet your needs if you tailor them to your specific business goals. However, in all likelihood, you need a potential marketing intern who knows a lot about social media, web apps, SEO, marketing metrics, and how to apply them.

Our list of marketing internship questions will help you define applicants with outstanding communication skills, who are truly passionate about marketing. Bear in mind that your potential candidate won’t possess much work experience (if any). So, you need to uncover their ability to meet deadlines and be an integral part of a project team.


  • Why did you opt for marketing as your major?
  • How has your study prepared you for this role?
  • Why did you choose our company for your internship?
  • Describe your post-graduation career goals.


  • What have you heard/read about our brand?
  • Who are our target customers in your opinion?
  • What makes sales and marketing different?
  • What components does a successful digital campaign comprise?
  • Are you aware of the latest data-driven marketing trends? Enumerate them.
  • What connects content marketing and SEO?
  • What connects content marketing and media? How does content marketing benefit from the latter?
  • Are you familiar with mobile marketing? Have you ever dealt with this field?
  • What market analysis tools do you know? Have you ever used any of them?


  • Imagine that you have a team project to work on. What is your role in it?
  • How do you think it’s possible to deliver a project on time and on a budget?
  • Your marketing campaign goes sideways. What could be the reason (poor research, poor planning, ineffective communication, etc.)?
  • Imagine that you have multiple assignments. Have would you prioritize them?
  • What is your favorite app/software/website? As a marketing specialist, present this piece of produce to us.
  • You got a project that you don’t believe in. How would you approach the situation? Would you quit?

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