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Business Analyst Interview Questions

Business analyst requirements vary from one company to another. Therefore, Business Analyst Interview Questions differ accordingly. In a nutshell, all business analysts are required to have excellent technology and communication skills, and have a good grasp of business objectives.

In this article, we compiled the most frequent and one-size-fits-all business analyst interview questions.

Project Management Questions

Since business analysts are often involved in a project work, the task of an interviewer is to unveil the candidate’s experience and philosophy in this respect. Thus, the opening part of your interview might be like this:

  • What software and tools do you use to deliver the project on time and on a budget?
  • How do you usually handle a scope creep (uncontrolled changes or growth in a project scope)? How do you avoid such cases in the future?

Fundamental Business Questions

Any qualified business analyst should be intimately familiar with marketing, sales, and operations, which comprise business fundamentals. Moreover, an excellent BA should deeply understand the nature of your business, and be able to detect critical projects, processes, and purposes. That’s why the following questions aim at strategic thinking assessment:

  • What are the main functions that a business analyst supports and improves?
  • The requirements tend to change rapidly. How to stay competitive in this case?
  • Describe one of the projects you worked on. How did it help your team reach the appropriate objectives?

Technological Expertise Questions

In order to apply IT infrastructure to the working problems, candidates should have a good knowledge of software. To determine this, the interview questions might be focused on the experience in managing the technological projects, solving theoretical and technological challenges faced by the organization:

  • Recall the last project you worked on with technology involved. Did it affect the result?
  • What approach would you use to handle the out-of-date technology and software?

Interpersonal Communication Questions

The position of a business analyst requires interaction with people at all levels across the company. The following questions should uncover the communication style; assess conflict resolution abilities, etc.

Tehrefore, you can ask the following:

  • How would you handle the meeting of stakeholders with different business needs? What would you do to build consensus?
  • You are rejected to get the needed information. What would you do?

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