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UI Designer Interview Questions

The first and foremost duty of UI (user interface) designers is to ensure functional and intuitive product’s layout. To this end, a top-skilled UI professional is hired to make sure that every tab, button, page, screen, or else provide smooth and tranquil online/digital experience to the targeted user. Plus, in order to successfully build interactive interfaces from A to Z, a qualified specialist is often required to be competent in coding and front-end development.

Hiring a UI designer? First, it’s crucial to review their portfolio as well as to set them an appropriate assignment. As for our list of UI designer interview questions, it will help you uncover the candidate’s theoretical knowledge in this field as well as the relevant experience and education.


  • Do you possess a degree in design?
  • Describe your design process from top to bottom.
  • Tell us about two of your most successful projects. What problems were they created to resolve?
  • Tell us about your project that failed.


  • What development environment do you prefer most of all (text editor, operating system, preprocessors, version control)?
  • What method do you usually employ to add icons to the UI?
  • What is the difference between progressive enhancement and graceful degradation?
  • What are your preferred CSS/Sass frameworks? Which ones did you use in production and locally?
  • What are advantages and disadvantages of such conventions as SMACSS or BEM??
  • In what ways can you shorten the load time of a page?
  • What makes wireframing vital? Have you ever created wireframes yourself?
  • Tell me about prototyping.
  • Please define Aesthetic-Usability Effect.
  • What is Atomic Design? Enumerate and define its five components.
  • What stands for CTA? Why is it a cornerstone of UI engineering?
  • Are you competent in color psychology?
  • What do you think about UI style guides?
  • What stands for MVP? Define it.
  • Is Mobile-First Design effective? Provide arguments.
  • What is Ockham’s razor? How can you apply it in your job?
  • Are you familiar with Participatory Design?
  • When is it relevant to use Style Tiles?
  • What do you know about Visual Weight? How can you effectively apply it in your job?
  • Provide an example of efficient design.


  • What are your strong/weak points?
  • Are you a team player? Can you successfully collaborate with developers and UX designers?
  • How do you stay updated with UI trends?
  • What makes you a good fit for our enterprise?

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